Women’s network whimn.com.au launches second series of Doco180

• The Doco180 series will roll out daily on whimn.com.au from today

News Digital Networks Australia’s (News DNA) whimn.com.au has launched the second series of Doco180, an original documentary series aimed at making the viewer “do a 180” on a topic relevant to Australian women, in 180 seconds.

Designed to explain, provoke and entertain, emerging filmmakers share their unique stories, all with one objective, to change your mind.

The Doco180 series will roll out daily on whimn.com.au from today. The four-part series will be supported with analysis and discussion around the topics on whimn.com.au and the platform’s social media channels.

Whimn.com.au editor Melissa Shedden said: “We’re proud to continue our collaboration with Screen Australia and champion women’s voices through Doco180. Now in its second series, our short-form documentary initiative gives a platform to female filmmakers along with the opportunity to reach new audiences through powerful storytelling.

“This year’s documentary makers delve into the nuanced daily issues that women face locally and globally: unrealistic beauty standards, body image battles, workplace stress and success, and changing self-image through motherhood. The stories might make you feel uncomfortable, inspired, frustrated, reflective or hopeful. That’s the point. But can they change your mind in 180 seconds?”

Screen Australia and whimn.com.au partnered to produce and fund the four selected projects for the Doco180 initiative.

Screen Australia head of documentary Bernadine Lim said: “We are thrilled to support these talented female storytellers and partner with whimn.com.au to make their projects so accessible. These four documentaries offer a unique insight into a range of topics relevant to Australian women and help us explore complex and challenging subject matter.”

The Doco180 series will go live daily on whimn.com.au from Monday 27 May. www.whimn.com.au/doco

DOCO180 – New series


Premieres Monday 27 May
Producer: Sam Weingott
Director: Laura Clelland

Synopsis: The fight for gender parity has seen the rise of a ‘girls club’, where women support other women but is there a darker reality to acknowledge?


Premieres Tuesday 28 May
Producer: Taylor Litton-Strain
Director: Hawanatu Bangura

Synopsis: In this intimate portrait, an African-Australian woman shares her near-death experience triggered by a cultural tug-of-war between the beauty standards of her African culture and the narrow, western ideals of body size.


Premieres Wednesday 29 May
Producer/Director: Erin McBean

Synopsis: Both a meditation on the intersections of motherhood and sexuality, and a “How To” guide to dating as a single parent, Mother//Lover explores the unexpected issues that face women who are changing the face of motherhood, from a regional (and humorous) perspective.


Premieres Thursday 30 May
Producer/Director: Rebecca Thomson

Synopsis: Women’s body hair is still a topic of much public discussion, judgment and shaming. But why is it anyone else’s business whether a woman chooses to mow or to grow?! Diverse women take a seat in the hairy chair to relate personal experiences around body hair and their relationship to it.

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