Why is Moonman MIA from his Triple M Sydney breakfast show?

Lawrence Mooney

Speculation the veteran Triple M network trouble-shooter won’t return

Lawrence Mooney has a long history with the Triple M network. Prior to joining the Sydney station 104.9 Triple M in 2019, Moonman was part of the Brisbane Triple M breakfast show. He has also guested across the network on other Triple M breakfast shows.

Most often as his alter-ego Malcolm Turnbull.

Regular listeners to the Moonman in the Morning show have been puzzled by his absence from the airwaves for the past week. (Mediaweek visited the Southern Highlands last Friday, but there were no sightings of the radio recluse.)

In his absence across the past week, his breakfast co-hosts Jess Eva and Chris Page have been presenting the show which has largely been collections of Best Of moments from past shows.

“Lawrence is not with us today,” was the short explanation to listeners this morning who tuned in for their dose of Moonman.

Similarly the Moonman podcast has been compiled of past highlights. One exception this week was a great chat Pagey and Jess had about her time as a contestant on The Block.

Rumours about reasons for Mooney’s absence have been flying in the past couple of days. There has been some speculation he has been stood down from the show and that he may not return. There is also speculation he was unhappy about the decision to add Mark Geyer to the breakfast team from 2022.

Moonman team in 2020 [L-R] Siobhan Caulfield, Sam Mangioni, Jess, Lawrence, Pagey, Jana Hocking, Laura Bouchet, Mark Daniel, Will Porter

Mooney and the team have created a team of characters that engages with many fans. However, the Sydney GfK radio ratings indicate there is not enough of them to make the program sustainable.

Moonman started on-air in Sydney in January 2019 and the ratings climbed steadily across the year to a peak of 6.4%. Since then share has hit 6.0% just twice in two years.

Mooney recently told Mediaweek’s Trent Thomas: “When you are up against heritage shows and behemoths like Kyle and Jackie O, Jonesy and Amanda, and Fitzy and Wippa it is not like success is going to be overnight. People change habits slowly.”

Having to find a new Sydney breakfast show is the last thing SCA needs at present as sister Sydney station 2Day continues to bed in a new show and the flagship Melbourne Triple M station also searches for an audience for The Marty Sheargold Show.

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