LiSTNR and SCA announce data partnership with NumberEight

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• The NumberEight platform will go live within the LiSTNR app from 15 November

LiSTNR and SCA have announced that they have established a data partnership with contextual intelligence platform NumberEight.   

As new privacy regulations and iOS updates raise concern in the advertising industry about the future of addressability, LiSTNR has sought to solve the issue for advertisers with this partnership. 

NumberEight offers Mobex (live mobile context) and behavioural audiences to advertisers without the need for personally identifiable information (PII), advertising IDs or cookies.  Utilising on-device computing and mobile sensors, NumberEight’s AI platform can detect live contexts, including if a user’s phone is lying face down on a desk whilst working, on their commute, or in the user’s pocket whilst exercising. The AI technology groups these actions into behavioural segments stored on the device to be used for advertising, content analytics and insights, creating a new opportunity never before available to Australian marketers and brands. 

The NumberEight platform uses mobile software development kits (SDKs) that sit inside users’ apps, such as LiSTNR, on their smartphone and using AI, can privately predict contextual signals in real time, allowing real time message personalisation, a mobile analytics insights dashboard and on-device contextual audiences, without the need for tracking. 

Contextual audiences fall into seven categories including: exercise habits, free time activities, home/work life, sleep habits, transport habits and work ethic.  These context and behavioural segments further enhance LiSTNR’s ‘Fanbase’, SCA’s targeting proposition for advertisers that already provides data-led audience segmentation for demographics, interests, passion and intent. 

SCA chief sales officer, Brian Gallagher (pictured), said: “The ability to offer advertisers hyper-targeted campaigns without the need for PII or identifiers is a ground-breaking achievement in ad tech.  Partnering with NumberEight gives us the ability to offer advertisers live, in-moment targeting and audience insights at scale that will drive busines outcomes, demonstrating the storytelling power of audio.”  

NumberEight CEO, Abhishek Sen, said: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with LiSTNR and SCA in this Australian first partnership, especially at a time when the entire advertising industry is up in arms over the lack of addressable mobile inventory. This will allow advertisers to harness the power of on-device contextual intelligence and reach relevant audiences in the moments that matter most, all without compromising user privacy.” 

The NumberEight platform will go live within the LiSTNR app from 15 November. 

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