Twitter introduces autoplay for videos

Twitter has introduces autoplay to videos posted on the platform

In a bid to improve the user experience and set a new standard for advertisers, Twitter has introduced autoplay to videos posted on the platform.

When a user sees a video in their timeline, it will now automatically begin to play on mute. Clicking on it will take the user to a full-screen experience with sound. According to a blog post on the social media giant’s website, people preferred autoplay videos 2.5x more than other formats, including click-to-play, with recall also rising 14% for autoplayed videos.

Twitter is also changing its standards for advertisers – as of yesterday, a video is only chargeable if it is 100% in view on the device and is watched for over 3 seconds. In the future, the company intends to work with a third-party verification company to assure advertisers that the intended message is being received by the targeted audience, and is in talks with both Nielsen and Moat.


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