TV Report January 30, 2024: Married at First Sight’s Timothy reveals heartbreaking past

MAFS Timothy past

Amy Reeves’ special connection to Australian Idol’s Marcia Hines

• Timothy and Lucinda meet at the altar on MAFS
• Jess eliminated from Australian Survivor


Nine’s A Current Affair spoke to the grief-stricken parents of Melbourne doctor Ash Gordon who revealed their disbelief at the news their son had been killed just metres from his home.

Married at First Sight followed as 51-year-old Timothy met 43-year-old Lucinda at the altar.

Even though Timothy was worried that Lucinda was the ‘spiritual, energy type’ (spoiler alert – she is!) and a downpour derailed their nuptials, the groom realised his new bride was a beautiful person. During their photoshoot, he revealed that his family had all passed away saying that he lost his mother and brother 17 years ago, and his father only 6 weeks ago. 

Meanwhile in Sydney, “alpha” Jack married Tori and while Tori was very happy with what she saw, alarm bells rang for her best friend Leah, after Jack introduced all of his guests at the wedding as his clients from the gym!


Over on Seven, viewers tuned in to the drama of Summer Bay as Kirby forced Bree to be honest with Remi while Dana inadvertently spilled the beans and Felicity grappled with Tane moving on.

Then, it was the second round of auditions on Australian Idol as five artists managed to convince tough judges Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines and Amy Shark that they had what it takes to make the Top 30. 

In a touching moment, Broome’s Amy Reeves scored a Golden Ticket while fulfilling a childhood dream of singing for Marcia, whom she met as a young child with her late father, who was a crew member on the musical Hair.

Joining Amy in the Top 30 was 22-year-old Queensland camel farmer Trent Richardson and former Sunshine Coast lifesaver Tyler Hammill, 21.


On 10The Project welcomed singer Raye who told the panel how she’s feeling after just being nominated for the most BRIT Awards in a single year ever! The team also spoke to Aussie NBA stars Josh Green and Danté Exum.

Then, it was time for Australian Survivor where the Titans and Rebels were quickly discovering what it takes to win in the game. While physical strength is one thing, it is the mind games that will get them ahead and the castaways will stop at nothing to make it through another night.

During the episode, the Rebels were enjoying island life until the first fractures began to appear and two clear sides emerged. Over with the Titans, they were playing a much deeper game, led quietly by Mark and Eden. It’s a sophisticated strategy to control the game from the shadows but when Eden becomes a target, he surges with paranoia and begins making last-minute, complicated plans, risking blowing up the whole delicate arrangement! 

At Tribal Council, the Titans were in a fraught state as Jess was sent home.


ABC’s 7.30 explored the risks of shaming neo-Nazis before looking at how of all the capital cities, rents are growing fastest in Perth. Sarah Ferguson also interviewed Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

Viewers then took a journey to north Queensland sugar cane country and the town of Home Hill with Back Roads. Presenter Heather Ewart discovered the heartwarming, and at times heartbreaking, stories of the families that first came here.

McCartney 3,2,1 followed as Sir Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin discussed musical experimentation and The Beatles’ drive to break boundaries. The episode featured segments on Ringo Starr and Fifth Beatle’s producer George Martin.

Then on Earth, we heard the story of the astonishing moment in Earth’s distant past, when almost the entire planet froze.


Over on SBS, veteran journalist Derryn Hinch submitted to a DNA test with heart-rending results on Who Do You Think You Are?. On his paternal side, Derryn discovered a shared bond with an intrepid matriarch and the surprising war survival story of an uncle he’d previously dismissed as merely a larrikin.

Then, on Ruby Wax: Cast Away, comedian and mental health campaigner, Ruby Wax, became a cast away for ten days alone on a tropical island, 60 kilometres from mainland Madagascar. Inspired by best pal Joanna Lumley, who was herself marooned for television 30 years ago, Ruby sought hilarious advice from her on how to escape intact.

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