TV Report February 1, 2024: The Honeymoon Box causes chaos among two couples on Married at First Sight

Jack and Tori MAFS 2024

Triple the drama on Home and Away

• Furry friends on The Dog House Australia
• Trouble is in the air for Jack and Tori on MAFS


Nine’s A Current Affair explored the explosive documents that have been obtained under freedom of information that have exposed one of Australia’s biggest councils making a bizarre decision to sell public land at a fraction of its valuation.

Then it was time for another wedding on Married at First Sight as Nurse Ellie — whose real-life fiancé had called off their nuptials just months before their wedding day — and Ben tied the knot. During his vows, Ben said he had nothing but good intentions while Ellie’s cousin Jordan called, well… bulls–t.

“I can always see the red flags in people. And I’m getting bad juju vibes,” Jordan said. “I just have it in my mind that Ben might be here for the wrong reasons.”

Meanwhile, on the Honeymoons, Jack and Tori are beginning to explore their relationship dynamic. While Tori is confident they are on the same page, the infamous MAFS Honeymoon Box exposes uncomfortable truths about Jack’s feelings — he doesn’t feel a spark.

A new episode of Emergency followed as doctors Jonathan Papson and Emma West worried a mechanic could lose his arm. 


Over on Seven, a triple episode of Home and Away saw Mackenzie’s world turn upside-down while Roo made an executive decision and Justin loved from afar. Mackenzie also realised she wanted Levi – but at what cost? Rose’s promotion caused problems while John and Roo went head-to-head before Roo went on alone in her investigation, Mali and Rose were on the rocks and Cash confided in Harper.

Mrs Brown’s Boys followed for comedy fans as Agnes was feeling down in the dumps and Granddad’s bowel movements weren’t helping matters! The place was a mess, she couldn’t seem to get any sleep and Maria’s home remedies ended in disaster.


On 10The Project welcomed musician Chris Isaak who revealed he wrote Wicked Games in 15 minutes plus shared how he is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and even has a friendship bracelet. 

Then, it was time for The Dog House Australia where energetic Harriett brings joy to Mary’s family and timid kelpie Berry looks to find her place with Jasmine and Stewart. Meanwhile, Drover the corgi tries to break through Garey’s doubts to become the companion he needs.

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall followed as 10-month-old Springer Spaniel Louie was involved in a terrifying accident whilst out for a walk, impaling himself on a stick that travelled deep inside his chest.


ABC’s 7.30 put the spotlight on the Ill winds that are still blowing after a federal decision stopped a key part of Victoria’s offshore wind strategy in its tracks. Plus there are concerns that visitors are getting too close to crocodiles in Kakadu.

On Grand Designs Transformations, a little Melbourne workers’ cottage gets a radical reimagining as a mid-century Palm Springs oasis, while across town, a backyard shed is transformed into a Japanese bathhouse.

Then, viewers watched Martin Clunes: Islands of America. During the episode, Martin travelled to two dramatically contrasting landscapes: the lush, tropical Hawaii islands and the snow-fringed glaciers of Alaska’s islands.


Over on SBS, DNA Family Secrets saw Stacey meet ex-Olympian Sarah, who was searching for the father who returned to America before her birth. And after 91-year-old Jean was evacuated during the Second World War, she was told her mother had died but now has doubts and is searching for the truth. 

Then on The Real Crown: Inside House of Windsor, the series looked at when Prince Harry joined the military, alongside Prince William, the Queen faced a difficult decision – should she send her grandsons into battle?

The program also looked at the rift that appeared between the two brothers which deepened after Harry wed Meghan Markle and former Spare, Prince Andrew, faced serious allegations as his association with Jeremy Epstein became undeniable.

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