TV Report February 8, 2024: Leah gives Justin an ultimatum on Home and Away

Leah Home and Away

Comedian Dave Hughes visits The Project straight from hospital

• A triple episode on Home and Away spells trouble for Justin and Leah
• It was a night with the emergency services on Nine


Nine’s A Current Affair spotlighted journalist and TV personality Deb Knight who revealed how she was scammed, falling for a Taylor Swift ticket swindle. The irony? She is the host of the Anatomy Of A Scam Podcast.

RBT followed with a unique, behind-the-scenes look at RBT patrols testing for alcohol and drug-affected drivers. The double episodes were titled The Gambler and Father’s Regret.

Viewers were then taken inside The Royal Melbourne Hospital with Emergency as Dr Andrew Trezise worried a young dirt bike rider had life-altering injuries after a crash. Dr Jonathan Papson feared for a showjumper with multiple breaks after being thrown off a horse.

A repeat of RPA followed where, when Kyle’s first kidney transplant from an organ donated by his older brother fails, he miraculously gets a second chance at life when sister Jess offers to donate one of hers.


Over on Seven, it was a triple episode of Home and Away. During the dramatic instalments, Eden fought for her rights while Mackenzie and Levi had a close call and Cash got a mysterious call, before calling it a day. Meanwhile, Mackenzie gets a reality check and Leah gives Justin an ultimatum while Justin and Valerie get off on the wrong foot. Finally, Mackenzie confesses to Tane.

In a brand-new episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, Winnie McGoogan and Agnes Brown have dinner at Foley’s Fun Food Festival. Dermot Brown, and Buster Brady go into a syndicate to play the lotto while Agnes Brown meets Anita (not the Anita writing this article) while Cathy Brown has a DNA test. Another episode, saw Dermot Brown and Maria decide to renew their wedding vows as the priests go on a pilgrimage.


On 10The Project welcomed comedian Dave Hughes to the desk, who is so committed to being on the show that he came straight from the hospital! The program also looked at how a Russian man had programmed ChatGPT to become his “dating assistant”, helping him talk to over 5,000 women on dating apps. While a risky move, it had a happy ending as it helped him find a wife!

Then, it was time for The Dog House Australia as pup Boof was hoping to be the bundle of joy that the Pikari family needed and  Justine and Nick met playful Labrador Taffy. 

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall followed as Willow, the two-year-old Labrador was rushed to the hospital because a severe infection had taken hold in her chest.


Sarah Ferguson interviewed Foreign Minister Penny Wong on ABC’s 7.30, while the series also looked at how Russian soldiers are marching in to replace the Wagner Group in Africa’s “coup belt”.

Grand Designs Transformations followed in Geelong Victoria. Luke and Bree restored a Victorian cottage and added a massive contemporary extension, while in the Tasmanian village of Oatlands, Karen and (another) Luke restored a sandstone Georgian cottage.

On Martin Clunes: Islands of America, Martin Clunes’ travels took him to the San Juan Islands in Washington State, the Channel Islands National Park – known as ‘America’s Galapagos’ – and Avery Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Finally, on Fake or Fortune, Henrietta Sitwell had inherited a sketch she believed to be by the 20th-century artist Amedeo Modigliani, but she had been told it might not be genuine. 


Over on SBS, DNA Family Secrets saw Kerry desperate to know whether the man she knew as a child was really her dad. Plus, conceived using IVF, twins Madison and Sydney were looking for their egg donor mum and Anthony from Liverpool was searching for the American GI he believed was his father.

Australia Uncovered followed which featured a Jewish boy who witnessed the murder of his family, survives the Holocaust by becoming Hitler’s youngest soldier, had four false names, two mistaken family reunions and now, thanks to DNA, is on the cusp of discovering his true identity on his deathbed. But is it too remarkable to be true?

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