TV Report February 27, 2024: Two shock eliminations send the judges reeling on Australian Idol

Australian Idol judges

One Groom lists all the things he disliked about his Bride on MAFS

• Marica urges people to vote after bombshell eliminations on Australian Idol


A Current Affair

Nine’s A Current Affair focused on the updates of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies after their bodies were found on a remote property in  Bungonia on February 27. The breakthrough came after the accused Beau Lamarre-Condon assisted police in divulging the location of the bodies. The couple were found at the property in surfboard bags, covered in debris and dumped in a shallow grave along a fence line.

Married at First Sight

After going missing in the previous episode of Married at First Sight, Ben returns to Skye Suites; however, Ellie continues to question his intentions. Despite her doubts, she gives him one more chance, and Ben takes the opportunity to express his feelings through (the world’s worst) song. Ellie loves the gesture, until later that day, she is found reeling after a 2-hour lecture from Ben of his list of dislikes — including the fact she wears makeup and is from the Gold Coast.

Meanwhile, ModdyCassandra’s dad, reminds both his daughter and Tristan that good things take time and they need to focus on each other while Tim’s best man, Ben, makes an appearance and tries to derail his relationship with Sara; however, does not succeed. As for Timothy, he is feeling more positive and has moved back in with Lucinda, albeit in a “man cave” a.k.a another bedroom.

Finally, one of the strongest couples, Richard and Andrea, has had a rocky week. Richard breaks down in front of his daughter Roxy and Andrea’s best friend Kate-Marie worried that she doesn’t like him anymore. However, after talking it through, the pair are back on track.

The Hundred with Andy Lee

It was a special Pride episode of The Hundred with Andy Lee, as regular panellist Sophie Monk was joined by special guests Joel Creasey and Courtney Act.


Home and Away

Over on Seven’s Home and Away, Valerie decides enough is enough while Rose makes a public plea and Felicity makes a rash decision.

Australian Idol

It was time to reveal the results of the Nation’s votes on Australian Idol as the Top 12 became the Top 10. Across Australia, 1.3 million votes were cast, but only a handful separated the bottom four: Ripley, 19, Imogen, 23, Ivana, 20 and TJ, 24.

As the bottom four were announced, judges Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines and Amy Shark were stunned at the shock result, with  Amy saying: “I honestly have no words…my mind is blown right now.”

A bombshell result saw Ripley and Imogen depart the show as Marcia urged fans to vote for their favourites.

“You’ve got to vote to keep people on. We don’t want a repeat of this again. If you really dig somebody, vote for them,” she said.


The Project

On 10The Project’s Kate Langbroek chatted with Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler about their new film Dune II and spoke to NSW Commissioner Karen Webb who talked about what the police’s relationship with the queer community is like at the moment after they were officially uninvited from Mardi Gras following the alleged murders of Baird and Davies.

Australian Survivor

After a tense Tribal Council that left the OG Titans fractured on Australian Survivor, Eden decides to take control and works at getting them back together. Mark loves the idea of getting the Titans back together but he has a huge task to mend the broken relationships between himself and Caroline, Kitty and Valeria.

At the Reward Challenge, Mark wins an IZUZU M-UX and a BBQ reward for three friends. To everyone’s surprise, he chooses Kitty, Caroline and Valeria to come along and successfully eases the tension between the OG Titans. Eden’s plan has worked and after Jaden wins his first Immunity Challenge, he is confident the Titans are back on board and ready to take out an OG Rebel.

At Tribal Council, Raymond, Kirby and Feras sense an immediate vibe shift in the OG Titans as they tell Jonathan LaPaglia about mending fences at the BBQ Reward. Raymond and Feras gather the six Rebels together to vote for Eden, and when Jonathan reads the votes, it’s a tie: 6 votes on Raymond, 6 votes on Eden. Jaden flips his vote to Eden, “for Winna” and it’s the final nail in Eden’s coffin and he is sent home.



ABC’s 7.30 spotlighted the findings of the gender pay gap in some of Australia’s biggest companies. Plus the inquiry into historic sexual abuse in Victoria’s education system and tracking turtles in the Murray Darling Basin.

Back Roads — Eugowra Recovery, NSW

Two years after the pandemic, Eugowra was almost wiped out by a flash flood. Heather Ewart discovers how they survived and what’s driving their recovery.

Better Date Than Never

Kento struggles with interesting topics to engage his date with on Better Date Than Never, while Di’s long-awaited date finally happens. Liv and Ben discuss how they’ll cope with a temporary separation and we met Jack, who goes on his first date.

Whale with Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall explores our changing understanding of whales and reveals we have much in common in Whale with Steve Backshall.


Who Do You Think You Are (Australia)

Over on SBS’s Who Do You Think You Are, actor Kerry Armstrong was amazed to discover a line of rebellious and free-spirited women in her family’s history, who weren’t afraid to stand up for their rights. In her father’s paternal line, Kerry finds an ancestor with whom she shares a remarkable connection. Kerry also dealt with a traumatic event in her own life when her mother passed away suddenly during filming. But, after consulting her family, Kerry decided to complete the exploration of her ancestry, in honour of her late mother.

Death of an Icon: Marilyn Monroe

In August 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe died under mysterious circumstances, with the official cause of death listed as ‘probable suicide’; however, Death of an Icon looks at all the evidence that points to murder.

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