TV Report February 26, 2024: Lucinda’s father steals the show on MAFS

Lucinda's dad Michael MAFS

Six more contestants perform on Australian Idol

• Lucinda’s father brings back Timothy’s sense of humour on MAFS
• Winna voted out of Australian Survivor


A Current Affair

Nine’s A Current Affair put the spotlight on the alleged double murder of TV presenter Jesse Baird and his partner Qantas flight attendant Luke Davies which has rocked Australia and left a community in mourning. The program detailed several dramatic and chilling developments as the NSW Police Force desperately searched for their bodies.

Married at First Sight

After an intense Commitment Ceremony Ellie is unable to find Ben, making it unclear how he will use the next week to turn their relationship around and Lauren and Jonathan are struggling to get back on track after the events of the past week. 

Tori and Jack are out to prove the legitimacy of their relationship by getting matching tattoos, before meeting with Tori’s best friend Lea, who is still harbouring doubts about Jack from the wedding day.

Jade opened up to Ridge in a vulnerable confession letter about being cheated on by the father of her child while pregnant and Stephen and Michael get closer during the ‘melted hug’ task, set by Expert Alessandra

Meanwhile, on the Gold Coast, a loved-up Eden and Jayden are keen to share their progress in the experiment with their Family and Friends, revealing that they are well on their way to falling in love. 

Then there was Timothy and Lucinda. They came together for the first time since their fight and a discussion in the car on the way to meet their family and friends leads to another argument that spills into their gathering. But with some sage advice from Lucinda’s father, Michael, Timothy regains his sense of humour and realises the importance of lowering his walls to progress his relationship. 

Big Miracles

For single mum Sarah, will the one round of treatment she can afford be enough? Christie and Perrie are desperate to find an underlying cause of their infertility.


Home and Away

Over on Seven, Theo was hooked on the high on Home and Away while a hurt Valerie drew some boundaries and Tane faced a roadblock.

Australian Idol

Six more Idols took to the stage. Country queen Denvah, camel farmer Trent, heart-throb Ripley plus Ivana, Amy from Broome and surfie-singer Tyler.

Denvah opened the show with 9-5 by Dolly Parton sans guitar and while she was concerned about being without it, the judges loved her performance and gave her the Judge’s Save, sending her through to the Top 10.

“Thank you! They let the country girl in!” she said.


The Irrational — The Barnum Effect

After a passenger plane crashes into the Potomac River, suspicions focus on the pilot; Professor Mercer and the team must piece together clues in the hopes of revealing the truth.


The Project

On 10The Project’s Kate Langbroek spoke to Zendaya and Florence Pugh about their new movie Dune: Part 2 which has made them friends for life. Plus, former Olympian Libby Trickett joined the panel via satellite after sharing a powerful message on body positivity after a family friend commented on the weight of her eight-year-old daughter. 

Australian Survivor

A storm has taken over Samoa in the wake of Scott’s voluntary departure robbing the tribe of their post-merge vote. Divided more than ever, Valeria and Caroline’s feud continues to rampage through the tribe tearing alliances apart. Valeria and Mark scramble to gain favour with Kirby and Feras, while Caroline and Kitty are desperate to save Kitty and take Valeria and Mark down a peg or two.

At the Tribal Council, everyone is eager to finally solidify their alliances post-merge. Mark, Valeria and Winna are confident in their plan, but Caroline sows seeds of doubt before they vote. Winna became the 12th person voted out.

FBI: Most Wanted — Inherited

The team must determine if the kidnapping of a young Chinese American woman is a random hate crime, or if she was specifically targeted, to find her.



ABC’s 7.30 detailed how Sydney’s LGBTIQ community is on edge after the alleged murder of Baird and Davies. Sarah Ferguson also interviewed Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia and the Albanese government is considering changes to HECS payments.

Australian Story — Mama’s on a Mission: Mechelle Turvey

When the senseless death of teenager Cassius Turvey ignited fury across the nation, his mother Mechelle responded with a call for peace and unity.

Four Corners

Four Corners looked at how a man accused by Rwandan authorities of being involved in brutal atrocities is living in Australia’s suburbs. This joint Four Corners and Guardian investigation raises questions about our immigration processes.

Media Watch

Media Watch looked at Taylor Swift mania, Alexei Navalny’s death, Buyback balls-up; and Correcting The Australian.


Q+A put a focus on global issues with a panel of big thinkers. In a year of crucial elections worldwide, the existential threat of climate change and increasing global volatility – what does it all mean for Australia?


Finding Your Roots — Salem’s Lot

On SBS’s Finding Your Roots’, Henry Louis Gates took actors Claire Danes and Jeff Daniels on a journey into their roots, uncovering primal scenes from our nation’s past, featuring World War One battle, Civil War prison camps, and America’s most infamous witch hunt.

The 2010’s — Music on Demand

Music in the 2010s underwent profound change, both technologically and sonically. The rise of streaming services like Spotify radically transformed the landscape, at once reviving a record industry that had been decimated by pirating services like Napster, while also introducing new economic incentives to artists that would change the way music itself was made.

24 Hours in Emergence — Lessons in Life

Junior doctor Ming does his first chest drain procedure on 19-year-old Andrew, who is in Resus with a collapsed lung. Meanwhile, 32-year-old Mery is 17 weeks pregnant and is rushed to A and E after falling down the stairs at home. In the minor injuries department, 24-year-old Jessica has a netball injury.

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