TV Report February 25, 2024: MAFS Experts slam Jack’s shocking behaviour during Commitment Ceremony

MAFS Jack and Tori

The judges are disappointed on Australian Idol

• MAFS’ Jack and Jonathan taken to task
• Scott leaves Australian Survivor due to mental health


Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with another Commitment Ceremony on Married at First Sight. 

While Eden and Jayden, and Jade and Ridge couldn’t get enough of one another, Tristan was having serious doubts about his relationship with Cassandra, choosing to write ‘Leave’, even though she wrote ‘Stay’. Finally, after some coaxing from the Experts, he recognised that his lack of confidence was holding back their potential to move past friendship. He apologised profusely, expressing his regret for writing leave. 

Meanwhile, Ellie was still not buying what Ben was choosing to sell, Timothy was furious with Lucinda after feeling blindsided and was put on Notice by the Experts, Andrea was concerned over Richard’s behaviour at the previous Commitment Ceremony, Stephen was having trouble with Michael being left at the altar-ish the first time and Madeleine chose to leave the experiment, even though her husband Ash decided to stay.

But the drama was really at an all-time high when Jack’s disgusting comment from the Dinner Party was addressed — you know, the one where he had told Jonathan to “put a muzzle on your woman”… Still furious about it, expert John Aiken was then made even madder when Jonathan apologised to… *check’s notes* …. Jack and Tori instead of his wife, Lauren. While he wasn’t the one to comment, he did not stick up for Lauren and neither did any of the other Grooms, which the Experts deemed unacceptable.

Finally, Jack and Tori sat on the couch, appearing as a united front. The experts rake him over the coals for his appalling behaviour and question his character. Finally, Tori’s rose-tinted glasses start to slip as she ponders her husband’s controversial comments, but ultimately, they both choose to stay.

60 Minutes

Following the drama of MAFS60 Minutes explored new hope in the decade-long search for MH370 plus looked at a young boy’s great escape after being stolen by his mother. Finally, the hair-raising confessions of tennis great, Andre Agassi.


Australian Idol

Over on Seven, the first six of the Top 12 performed on Australian Idol. With the pressure of the Live round heating up the competition, four of the performers failed to impress judges Kyle SandilandsMarcia Hines and Amy Shark. Tasked with singing party songs, it was Dylan’s stripped-back, acapella version of (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles that blew away the judges and had the audience on their feet in a standing ovation. He was sent straight through to the next round.

While the judges praised Drea for showing her quirky side, trolley-pusher Isaac struggled with his lyrics once again and TJ‘s Party Rock was deemed too much show and not enough vocals by the judges. When it came time for 17-year-old Kiani to take the stage, her performance was marred by the fact she felt uncomfortable in her outfit. Marcia then told her to never go out in anything that she wasn’t comfortable in, giving her the power to speak up. 

Finally, Jessica Mauboy performed her new single, while also reminiscing about her Australian Idol journey which began in front of judges Kyle and Marcia in 2006.

Ron Iddles: The Good Cop

On Ron Iddles: The Good Cop, throughout his career, Ron Iddles has been haunted by his first homicide case: the 1980 stabbing murder of bookshop owner Maria James. Could fresh evidence now help solve this cold case?

Mr Bates vs the Post Office: Real Story

Based on intimate interviews, clips from the drama and archive footage,  Mr Bates vs the Post Office: Real Story pieced together the impact of the Post Office scandal on the Sub-postmasters themselves.


The Sunday Project

On 10The Project welcomed Peter Garrett to the desk while also putting the spotlight on the search for Jesse Bairand Luke Davies. Host Sarah Harris, Baird’s former Studio 10 colleague, paid tribute to her co-star.

Australian Survivor

The new Titans camp wakes up revelling in the peace of a Kelli-free camp on Australian Survivor. With Merge imminent, they discuss their plans to remain OG Rebel strong. Meanwhile, Valeria gathered information from Alex about the dynamics on the other side of the Island. She was fuming about Viola’s blindside and doesn’t trust a word Kitty and Caroline said to her at the feast.

As the two tribes arrive at the Reward Challenge, Jonathan LaPaglia announces it’s time to merge and everyone celebrates. The excitement grows when he announces the winner of the challenge will win a $60,000 Set For Life prize plus Immunity at Tribal Council.  Valeria wins the challenge and her resolve to take a shot at Kitty and Caroline intensifies. 

During Tribal Council things get explosive. Kitty smacks down telling the tribe she knows who is leading the vote against her and if she survives tonight, she’ll be coming for them. But before the votes are cast, Scott announces his mental health is suffering and he wishes to leave the game. The vote is called off, and Scott leaves the island.


Death in Paradise

On ABC’s Death in Paradise, the team investigate a prepper’s commune when one of their members is poisoned inside a locked bunker. Meanwhile, Neville has a series of adventurous dates with Sophie.

House of Gods

An ambitious Iraqi Australian family grapples with new-found power and privilege when their charismatic patriarch is elected Head Cleric of The Messenger mosque on House of Gods.

Silent Witness

On Silent Witness, when a woman confesses to murdering her husband, the Lyell must determine if all is as it seems. Meanwhile, Simone is shocked to be reunited with a detective from her childhood.

Midsomer Murders: 25 Years Of Mayhem

A 25th-anniversary special documentary exploring the enduring popularity of Midsomer Murders featured interviews with cast and crew members, including John Nettles.


Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster

Over on SBS, Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster detailed how despite centuries of sightings and searches, one of the most infamous deep-sea monsters remains unidentified. As evidence continues to mount, the mystery endures: does the Loch Ness Monster really exist? And if so, what could it be?

Vikings: The Lost Kingdom

Then, on Vikings: The Lost Kingdom, in Gjellestad, Norway, archaeologists discover of a lifetime: a 1200-year-old Viking funeral ship. Thanks to exclusive access to the site, the program follows each step of the archaeologists’ quest. 

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