TV Report February 19, 2024: Amy Shark awards Fast Pass to Australian Idol “underdog”

Amy Shark Australian Idol Isaac

MAFS’ most chaotic Bride enters the experiment

• Amy Shark in tears on Australian Idol
• Another twist on Australian Survivor


A Current Affair

Nine’s A Current Affair showcased the Kia EV9, named Australia’s best motor vehicle in the annual 2024 Drive Car of the Year awards. The fully electric seven-seater SUV also won the best family electric car under $100,000.

Married at First Sight

On Married at First Sight, viewers were in for one heck of a ride! While our original couples debriefed on Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony, elsewhere Michael — whom we met at the Hens Night, was about to meet his new Groom after his first one cut and run. Fortunately, Stephen — a Thor-like gentle giant was waiting for him at the altar and the pair’s connection was instant.

Meanwhile, we were introduced to possibly the most chaotic Bride in MAFS history (and that’s saying something), Madeleine. Formerly a Home and Away star, it was revealed that she was now a (Psychic) Medium — and no, she does not mean the clothing size, Lucy! After meeting her new husband Ash at the altar, she “raw dogged” her vows, telling Ash she loved him; while the other original couples — and Australia — watched on in disbelief. After the ceremony, Madeleine had a spiritual  “download” which told her that Ash had bad vibes, leaving her to be cold and miserable towards him. Luckily, he saved the day by saying he had felt a ghost at his Airbnb, so she perked up at the prospect he was a believer.

Also having doubts at Madeleine and Ash’s nuptials were Cassandra and Tristan who weren’t in a good place, when Cassandra tries to talk to her Groom, he’s frosty and it’s awkward. They make small talk, but when Cassandra says she’s “bored”, Tristan says he feels like he’s the one making all the effort, and an argument ensues. Cassandra then walks off to the toilets crying.

Big Miracles

Big Miracles followed 46-year-old Sheila and Tyson’s dream to have a baby hoping that donor eggs would produce a miracle pregnancy.  Emily and John’s baby also arrived, but things took a terrifying turn.


Home and Away

Over on Seven, Eden was left out by her brother while Rose influenced an influencer in a fun cameo played by Millie Ford. Meanwhile, John and Roo pressed Cash for answers.

Australian Idol

Then, it was the second night of Transformation Week on Australian Idol. With another four spots in the Top 12 up for grabs, seven more singers stepped onto the stage with a new song and a new look to prove they should sing again at next week’s Live shows.

Amy Reeve’s rendition of Think by Aretha Franklin scored her a spot in the Lives, while Trent Richardson’s Heaven by Bryan Adams also sent him to the next round and Ivana Illic’s performance of Remember by David Guetta ft Becky Hill also scored her a place. However, when it came to Woolies trolley pusher Isaac Mccallum — who performed Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur — he was awarded Amy Shark’s Fast Pass.

“You are an underdog. I’ve had a soft spot for you. I know what that feels like,” Amy said, before later adding: “You smashed it!”

The Irrational

Viewers then tuned in to The Irrational. Professor Mercer was approached by his old friend CJ, a prominent investigative journalist who asks for help after she’s poisoned with a rare and deadly nerve agent.


The Project

On 10The Project welcomed three-time Olympic medallist Shane Rose, who has been cleared to compete at the Olympics after he wore a mankini to an equestrian event on the weekend. He revealed why he did it! Joel Creasey also joined the desk, telling the panel what his new dog’s name was, and the brilliant reason he called her that…and why she is so confused.

Australian Survivor

Over at the Titan’s tribe on Australian Survivor, they were all processing the shock twist of Sunday’s Tribal which sent Charles home. Now, Val and Winna are the last two OG’s Titans and with a merge fast approaching, Val wants to continue her new alliance with Kirby and Scott. Meanwhile, Aileen is feeling vulnerable since being outed as a double agent and since Feras may have an Idol, she is desperate to win Immunity…and succeeds!

There’s a lot of tension in the air at Tribal Council. Jaden is confused while Caroline works hard to make sure everyone knows Alex is the target. However, there is a twist! Jonathan LaPaglia announces that tonight is not an elimination; instead, any name that is in the urn has a possibility of switching tribes. As the votes get revealed, only Alex and Rianna’s names are in the urn. Alex then picks up the blue rock and is sent to Titan’s beach.

FBI: Most Wanted

On FBI: Most Wanted, the body count starts to escalate as a local FBI case involving two murdered women and a sea of powerful men turns into a manhunt for the dangerous leader of a far-reaching criminal enterprise.



ABC’s 7.30 investigated how asbestos ended up in mulch around Sydney. Plus Sarah Ferguson interviewed Stella Assange, wife of Julian Assange. The program also looked at the death of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

Australian Story: The Making of Mini – Katrina Gorry

After the Matildas’ World Cup glory, star midfielder Katrina Gorry introduced Australian Story to the tiny secret weapon that rekindled her love for the game.

Four Corners

Four Corners uncovered the tactics used by supermarkets to keep prices high – and competition out. Both deny price gouging but there are now six inquiries and reviews targeting the duopoly.

Media Watch

Media Watch looked at Barnaby Joyce’s fall, the humanising of war victims and how Seven ignored Gap.


Q+A returned to ask “Who can you trust?” Can you trust your supermarket? What about your bank? With cost-of-living pressures and major conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, do you trust our politicians to make a difference?


Finding Your Roots

Henry Louis Gates explored the roots of actors Edward Norton and Julia Roberts on Finding Your Roots. Using DNA analysis and genealogical detective work to travel back centuries, his guest’s hidden connections to American history and each other were revealed.

The 2010s: Peak TV

During The 2010s, the program pressed ‘play’ on a new era of ground-breaking television, ushering in new types of storytelling from new creators driven by a new type of competition: the streaming service wars.

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