TV Report February 15, 2024: Mackenzie’s affair on Home and Away causes tension at home

Mackenzie Home and Away

Waleed Aly interviews Jennifer Lopez on The Project

• Mackenzie and Dr Levi’s affair intensifies on Home and Away


Nine’s A Current Affair investigated Brendan Hawxwell who reckons he runs Brisbane’s number one fencing and decking company. However, there’s a long list of angry customers out of pocket and without fences.

Then it was a night with the emergency services as RBT kicked off the programming. Emergency followed at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, where Dr Jonathan Papson discovered devastating news for an injured driver. Drs Andrew Wallace and Emma West feared for a chef, who fell down an escalator and sustained brain injuries.

Finally, on RPA, nurse Sharon’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Putting her symptoms down to ageing, she was surprised she had missed some obvious signs.


Over on Seven, it was once again triple the drama on Home and Away. Harper was back in the dating ring while Dana had a new crush and Theo was desperate for more. Meanwhile, Mackenzie’s affair with Dr Levi created tension at home and Mali served Levi. Finally, Mali’s loyalties were questioned when Eden confided in Cash and can Roo dissuade John?

The Front Bar: All Sports Edition followed as Sam Pang, Mick Molloy and Andy Maher shared a laugh about the world of sport and caught up with stars of yesteryear and today.



On 10The Project welcomed NRL legend Benny Elias who spoke about how the NRL is preparing for the opening round of the 2024 season in Las Vegas and Waleed Aly interviewed Jennifer Lopez ahead of her new Prime Video film This Is Me…Now.

Then, it was time for The Dog House Australia. Staffy Nala was introduced to widower Lino while the Starkeys were ready for their first dog and after heartbroken Lorena lost her dog Ivy, she looked to see whether Terrier cross Gracie could heal her heart.

Finally on The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall, sixteen-month-old Doberman Nova had a deadly congenital condition, a hole in her heart, which required a lifesaving operation.


ABC’s 7.30 looked at how the federal government is planning to criminalise “doxxing” after the details of hundreds of Jewish Australians were published online. Plus, the UN believes the torture of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops has been extensive and  Sarah Ferguson interviews author Fran Lebowitz

On Grand Designs Transformations, a Melbourne couple turned a drab duplex into a spacious Miami-inspired home, while a NSW couple on a budget created a tiny guest pavilion for visiting family and friends.

Then on Martin Clunes: Islands of America, Martin’s island journey took him to the colourful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, America’s third largest island, and the only one where Spanish is the main language.

Americans Kim and Chuck believed their landscape painting was by one of the founders of impressionism, Alfred Sisley; however, the Fake or Fortune team must help them build a case and prove its authenticity.


Over on SBS, DNA Family Secrets followed 37-year-old Stephanie who was left as a newborn wrapped in a plastic bag. Found by passers-by, she knew nothing more about where she came from. Now, she wants to trace her family and let her biological parents know that she’s had a happy life. 

Then on Last Chance to Save a Life, in a world threatened by deadly antibiotic-resistant infections, new hope emerges from the unlikeliest of sources: viruses. In Australia, patients are being injected with trillions of viruses to survive. This documentary followed the patients, doctors, and scientists in nail-biting real time to discover the extraordinary power and challenges of ‘phage therapy’; a strange and elusive 100-year-old treatment that promises to not only save patients’ lives but give hope to the world.

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