TV Report February 14, 2024: Explosive argument erupts on Married at First Sight between Tim and Sara

married at first sight tim sara

Three people sent home on Australian Idol

• Sara takes Tim over the “edge” on Married at First Sight


Nine’s A Current Affair looked at how more than 100,000 Victorians are still without power after a monster storm smashed the state.

Then it was time for the second Married at First Sight Dinner Party of the season. Ben‘s motivation for being in the experiment was questioned while Timothy had to defend his relationship while calling out Tori and Jack.

The biggest storyline of the evening took place when Cassandra told Sara that she should make the experiment a priority after she had cancelled three dates with Tim. While Sara became defensive, Tim got involved before the two engaged in a public argument. He then yelled at his wife which prompted her to walk off, admitting to the other Brides that she couldn’t handle spending 24/7 with her Groom — even though that is the literal experiment.

Under Investigation followed. When a 12-year-old Queensland girl was brutally killed, her sister’s boyfriend Graham Stafford was almost immediately convicted of her murder.


Over on Seven, Kirby issues a warning to Theo on Home and Away while Bree falls apart.

Then, on Australian Idol, it was the culmination of the Top 30 week and the last opportunity for the performers to secure a spot in the top 21. At the end of the night, three Australian Idol journeys came to an end. 

Mr Bates vs The Post Office told the true story of Alan Bates’ 20-year fight against wrongful accusations by the Post Office, exposing one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history. During a second episode, Bates and the sub-postmasters begin their fightback with new allies in Westminster, but first, they must convince an independent investigator of their honesty.


On 10The Project put the spotlight on Victoria Police’s chief commissioner who has said the disappearance of Ballarat mum Samantha Murphy is “suspicious” and “unusual” after she went missing while on a jog. Elsewhere, Heather McMahan joined the desk and shared the best way of getting through IVF treatment.

Then, it was time for Ambulance Australia where a child’s alarming call about a five-year-old stuck in the mud, but all was not as it seemed. Meanwhile, there was a suspected stroke at an alleged workplace, only to find a severely intoxicated man at a party.

On FBI International, Vo’s friend from the US Navy calls in a favour to help find her missing nephew in Crete. Meanwhile, Forrester hangs back in Budapest to take care of personal business.


ABC’s 7.30 looked at the fears of an imminent Israeli ground assault in Rafah that could jeopardise both Palestinian refugees and Israeli hostages. Plus, a former cop says a secret police strike force into gay hate crimes was “dirty, cheap, underhanded”. 

Hard Quiz followed as four contestants vied for the Hard Quiz Big Brass Mug! Topics included Rod Stewart, The Sopranos, Bunnings and cholera.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering followed as Russell Howard joined to save the UK from itself, Barrie Cassidy gave The Weekly a performance review and comedian Concetta Caristo made friends one country at a time.

On This is Going to Hurt, still reeling from his mistake, Adam became increasingly difficult to be around. While he clashed with a colleague over a patient, he tried to make amends at home.


Over on SBS, Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle saw Ben Fogle journey to Islay and Jura, tracing the route of sixth-century Christian monks across wild seaways to discover communities going the extra mile to look out for one another.

Then on The Matchmakers, three matchmakers began the process of pairing up their most recent unlucky-in-love singles. Matchmaker Toby pitches two singles to her Jewish community networks and In Melbourne’s Heidelberg Mosque, Sheikh Alaa Elzokm marries one of dozens of couples he’ll unite over the year, but his Matchmaking work begins long before the wedding day.

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