TV Report February 12, 2024: A chaotic scramble sends a Rebel home on Australian Survivor

australian survivor mark

Natalie and Collins leave the MAFS experiment

• Mark plays his idol on Australian Survivor
• The Super Bowl LVIII captivates the world


Nine’s A Current Affair spoke to English woman Mary Ellis, 74, who is known as a local hero in northern New South Wales. Mary not only feeds the homeless in Tweed Heads but also raises money for the Salvation Army. Now, despite giving much of her time to help Australians, thanks to an issue with her visa, the government wants to kick her out.

Then it was the start of Intimacy Week on Married at First SightTimothy and Lucinda were at odds over Richard’s comments at the Commitment Ceremony before Lucinda’s endless prodding caused Timothy to storm out. After taking some space, he returns later during the night and the two make amends.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Collins wake up in separate apartments before Collins visits Natalie to prove to her that he is willing to fight for their relationship. However, Natalie calls his speech “Oscar-worthy” before saying she’s ready to leave the experiment. After saying one final awkward goodbye to him she packs her bags and leaves.

Elsewhere, Richard confesses to Andrea that he adores her, Alessandra intervenes during Timothy and Lucinda’s tasks and Lauren and Jonathan attempt to complete the eye-gazing task with disastrous consequences. 


On Seven, viewers watched the Super Bowl LVIII earlier in the day as the San Francisco 49ers took on the Kansas City Chiefs. After an exciting game — where the victory could have been granted to either team — the Chiefs took the win. They have now secured four Super Bowl wins in six appearances, while Patrick Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP for the third time.

During the Apple Half-time Show, Usher surprised fans worldwide with guest appearances from the likes of Alicia KeysWill I Am and there was even an iconic guitar solo from H.E.R.

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Later, Home and Away saw Tane ready for a fresh start while Dana played Cupid for Harper and Mali confided in Xander.

Then, Australian Idol continued and it was Group Challenge Day. The contestants teamed up in trios to work on collaborations and, while some groups worked well together, others clashed over creative differences.


On 10The Project welcomed comedian Jimmy Rees who is about to head out on tour, revealing why he loves regional towns, but why they also scare him.

Then, it was time for Australian Survivor where after Viola was blindsided by the OG Titans on Sunday, Mark was out for revenge. A covert chat with Alex revealed that he wanted to make a move on Caroline and Kitty by working with the OG Rebels to take Kitty out. Then, a high-intensity Immunity Challenge showed logic triumph over strength, and the Titans took home the win, sending the Rebels to the Tribal council yet again.

At Tribal Council, Mark played nice with the OG Titans, saying a blindside didn’t have to change the dynamic of the tribe. As Rianna explained that she wanted to be here with people she trusts, Sarah and Alex wonder whether she has changed her mind about the plan. Mark plays his Idol due to all the chaos, and the one vote that comes up for him doesn’t count and Sarah was sent home from Survivor


Sarah Ferguson interviewed Tony Burke, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations on ABC’s 7.30 while the program also looked at the tourism threat posed by an ant that flies, floats and stings en masse.

Nemesis followed detailing when Scott Morrison became Australia’s surprise 30th Prime Minister, pulling off a “miracle” election win. From his family trip to Hawaii to the pandemic response, its recent history brought to life.

Media Watch looked at Biden; Tucker and Putin plus Bolt v Police and a G-string g-up.

A behind-the-scenes of Nemesis followed as Leigh Sales and Mark Willacy delved into the making of the series. 


Over on SBS, Celebrity Letters and Numbers saw Michael Hing, wordsmith David Astle and numbers expert Lily Serna be joined by celebrity contestants Harley Breen, Lizzy Hoo, AJ Lamarque and special Dictionary Corner guest Jude Perl.

Then on Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South, wild swimmers braved the freezing Solent, plus the secrets of Mermaid Gin.

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