TV Report February 11, 2024: Drama, drama, drama on MAFS as Jack admits to a huge indiscretion

Collins MAFS

Top 30 week has begun on Australian Idol

• A castaway was out for revenge on Australian Survivor
• Collins shows his true colours during the first MAFS Commitment Ceremony


It was drama, drama, drama as Nine’s evening kicked off with the first Commitment Ceremony of the season on Married at First Sight.

Expert John Aiken wasted no time in addressing the article about Jack’s ex-girlfriend, demanding answers about when the relationship ended. Despite his attempts to deflect John’s inquiries, Jack reluctantly admits that he was still in a relationship whilst meeting with the experts. 

Meanwhile, Natalie and Collins began their couch session by addressing Natalie’s decision to leave the experiment at the last Dinner Party. Natalie reveals feeling isolated at the Dinner Party and then speaks of her deep doubts about her husband’s authenticity. Collins admits to not showing his wife affection but becomes defensive and combative when John asks how he could begin to build a connection with Natalie. Natalie reveals she would like to leave the experiment, but after a long and emotionally charged deliberation, Collins reveals he has chosen to stay for another week, meaning they will both remain in the experiment to work on their relationship. 


Kicking off the night over on Seven was Australian Idol. Top 30 Week has begun and contestants had to face three epic challenges to avoid elimination to ultimately earn their place at the live shows. 

Then, on Ron Iddles: Good Cop. In 1985 Dominic Marafiote disappeared before his parents were shot dead in their Adelaide home. Ron takes a tip-off from a small-time crim to help crack the case.

Another mystery was investigated in What the Killer Did Next. After joining a church with very specific beliefs, a woman goes missing and police believe one of her fellow worshippers is responsible for her murder.

Then viewers watched The Disappearance of Gabby Petito. Gabby Petito was a “van life” blogger and had been updating her socials throughout their trip, so her disappearance captured the attention of the media and set off a nationwide search.


On 10The Project welcomed Aussie singer and icon Jessica Mauboy who revealed she was a party girl, but reckons she’s never hit the headlines for it because she wants to take pictures with everyone while she’s out! Meanwhile, Advertising guru Dee Madigan told the panel what makes a good Super Bowl ad as the world prepares to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Then, it was time for Australian Survivor. As the sun rises in Samoa, our tribes wake up to the aftermath of a classic Tribal Council twist. After a castaway was blindsided, another is out for revenge. A divided tribe fight for votes and after a chaotic scramble where no one believes anyone, we’re once again shown that anything can happen at Tribal Council. 

On NCIS: Hawaii a Navy petty officer is murdered and Jane and the team investigate while protecting the victim’s friend and colleague.


The 12-month experiment is now complete on ABC’s Muster Dogs as the Australian Border Collie siblings reunite to face their final challenge. It’s neck and neck but one dog shines brighter than the pack and is crowned Champion Muster Dog. 

Determined to reform youth justice, Alex pushes forward with her radical plan in the House of Representatives on Total Control, before Rachel seizes the opportunity for her own advantage.

Then on Silent Witness, Sam Ryan recruits the Lyell team to investigate the assassination of the health secretary, but Nikki is unsure whether Sam knows more than she’s letting on.


Over on SBS, Karnak: The Largest Temple in the World, the Karnak is the most mysterious and the most important temple of all ancient Egypt. Built, modified, reworked, and enlarged over the ages, the complex became the most important religious centre. By participating in the excavations led by the best archaeologists, the program explored the evolution of the techniques that allowed the builders to construct this architectural masterpiece!

Using the latest research, Genghis Khan’s Mongolia explored the rise of Genghis Khan, from outcast to ruler of the Mongol empire which, under his sons and grandsons, was one of the largest in history. 

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