TV Ratings May 10: HYBPA? beats out the 7:30 pm shows to be the top non-news program

have you been paying attention

• Good night for reality TV as all commercial 7:30 pm programs are above 600K

Primetime News
Seven News 1,056,000 (6 pm)/ 1,012,000 (6:30 pm)
Nine News is 1,039,000 (6 pm)/ 1,025,000 (6:30 pm)
ABC News 664,000
10 News First 371,000(5 pm)/ 251,000 (6pm)
SBS World News 182,000 (6:30 pm)/144,000 (7 pm)

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 730,000
7:30 581,000
The Project 314,000 (6:30 pm)/521,000 (7 pm)
The Drum 175,000 

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 266,000
Today 224,000
News Breakfast 192,000


734,000 tuned in to Lego Masters as the teams had to build Marvel scenes based on assigned characters with Scott and Owen winning and going straight to the finals after building Doctor Stranges’ Sanctum Sanctorum.

Lego Masters was followed by RBT in Brisbane and Sydney which had 147,00 viewers, and Footy Classified with 121,000.


Seven had the top primary (19.3%) and network share (27.9%) last night despite its tentpole program Big Brother finishing as the #3 non-news program last night with 638,000. This was up on last week’s  552,000 viewers.

In the episode, Danny, Nick and Mel struck a deal with Katie and Jess to keep themselves safe, but the girls were secretly planning to blindside their rivals.

A high temperature sent Danny into isolation, preventing him from participating in the day’s game or being up for nomination.

Katie won the nomination challenge, allowing her to betray Danny and nominate his allies Mel and Nick, alongside safe vote Ari.

At the eviction ceremony, Mel reluctantly voted for Nick to save herself.
“Katie played me well, you have to take your hat off to her,” said Nick. “Maybe I was seen as a threat because I didn’t bow down to their alliance whereas Mel was pretty keen to do that. Danny will see what happened and try and throw hand grenades. I hope one comes off. If he could take Katie down it would be pretty sweet.”


MasterChef had 623,000 viewers as Andreas Papadakis kicked off Masters Week. This episode was up from the 607,000 that the show had last week, and was the most-watched episode of the season.

Although last night Masterchef was just the appetiser for 10 as the 8:40 pm show Have You Been Paying Attention? was the #1 non-news program with 749,000 viewers and was #1 in all key demos.

The episode featured the debut of a newcomer on the comedy circuit, Aaron Chen.

10 Bold was the #1 multichannel with a share of 4.0%, after airing several episodes of NCIS.


The public broadcaster once again rolled out its popular current affairs line up of 7:30 (581,000), Australian Story (484,000), Four Corners (359,000) and Media Watch (389,000).


The top show on SBS was Secret Scotland with 195,000.

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