TV Ratings March 7, 2023: MAFS tops Tuesday non-news for Nine


Back in Time for the Corner Shop debuts on ABC

• Survivor blindside sends Shaun home
• We Interrupt This Broadcast brings the laughs in second episode

Total TV Ratings, February 28

On Married At First Sight (MAFS), an accidental butt-dial meant that Evelyn overheard a conversation between some of the husbands, with Sandy’s husband Dan “boasting about how hot his ex-girlfriends were.” Lifting 58%, 1,911,000 watched as Evelyn took Sandy aside and filled her in on what she’d heard, making it the top show of the night overall.

It was day 30 for the castaways on Australian Survivor, with the Immunity Challenge involving holding on to buckets of water for as long as possible. Up 48%, 888,000 watched as Flick was voted off at Tribal Council, becoming the first member of this season’s jury. 

We Interrupt This Broadcast made its debut to 728,000, bringing fast paced sketch comedy and belly laugh as it rose 23%.

Overnight TV Ratings, March 7

Primetime News
Seven News 860,000 (6:00pm) / 859,000 (6:30pm)
Nine News 729,000 (6:00pm) / 757,000 (6:30pm)
ABC News 579,000
10 News First 242,000 (5:00pm)/ 152,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 127,000 (6:30pm)/ 114,000 (7:00pm)

Daily Current Affairs
A Current Affair 644,000
7.30 453,000
The Project 195,000 (6:30 pm)/ 318,000 (7pm)

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 210,000
Today 197,000
News Breakfast 141,000

Nine has won Tuesday night with a primary share of 26.1% and a network share of 33.0%. 7Two has come out on top for multichannels with a 3,6% share. 

Nine’s A Current Affair told 644,000 about a pensioner who is being denied $11,000 of pokies winnings, and spoke to families who were charged thousands for a ‘free photo shoot’ promotion. The retreat continued on Married At First Sight (MAFS), with 848,000 watching as a long and dramatic game of telephone began after Melinda overheard Harrison calling her relationship “toxic”. The Hundred With Andy Lee then brought the laughs – and the stats – for 364,000 viewers.

Home and Away brought 461,000 to Summer Bay, as Theo had no choice but to move out. Seven’s second episode of We Interrupt This Broadcast then sent up the TV shows that the nation loves, giving 290,000 the giggles.

On 10, The Project (195,000 6:30pm / 318,000 7pm) covered the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to raise rates by 25 basis points, and interviewed King George about whether or not he regrets his big moves on Survivor. Speaking of George, Australian Survivor followed, as the castaways were required to stay locked in a squat position in the Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, 516,000 watched as Hayley chose to save Simon – wrecking George’s plan – and swinging the deciding vote to eliminate Shaun.

The ABC’s 7.30 covered the government’s plan to ban live sheep exports, and interviewed Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen for 453,000. The debut of Back in Time for the Corner Shop took the Ferrones – and 387,000 viewers – back from the 1850s to the 1920s to see how Australian society changed through the lens of a corner shop. Queerstralia then investigated how queer people have had their identities defined and shaped for 178,000 viewers.

The highest rating non-news show on SBS was Insight with 90,000.

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