TV Ratings June 22: Weakest Link breaks the top 20 for the first time

weakest link tv ratings

• Painting heavy night on ABC with Anh Do and Rachel Griffiths

• Home and Away tops 7:30 franchises

Primetime News
Seven News 1,105,000/ 1,050,000
Nine News 972,000/ 940,000
ABC News 694,000
10 News First 343,000 (5:00pm)/ 234,000 (6:00pm)
SBS World News 157,000/127,000

Daily current affairs
A Current Affair 733,000
The Project 258,000 (6:30pm)/ 416,000 (7pm)
The Drum 217,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 282,000
Today 210,000
News Breakfast 165,000

Late News
Nine News Late Edition 85,000
ABC Late News 61,000
SBS World News Late 61,000

Nine TV Ratings

On Nine, Australian Ninja Warrior had 588,000 tune in for the series third episode of the year. The highlights of the episode included Judith Carroll being the first woman to climb the Warped Wall in 2021, and Charlie Robbins beating Zak Stolz on the Power Tower.

This concluded the first week for Australian Ninja Warrior:
Sunday– 795,000
Monday– 624,000
Tuesday– 588,000

The Weakest Link then followed with 349,000 which was up on last week’s 318,000 as the show managed to crack the top 20 metro shows for the first time since its launch.

Seven TV Ratings

Seven was the top primary channel last night with a share of 20.8% and was also the top network with 28.9%

Home and Away was the highest rating non-news show last night with 650,000 tuning in to the soap opera.

Big Brother then had 568,000 as Christina won the nomination challenge and sent Ari, Danny and Sid into the second chance battle, with Danny surviving.

SJ held the deciding vote between Ari and Sid and chose to save the former.

“This is nuts, I can’t believe I’m leaving,” said Sid. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’d taken a shot at Danny and it didn’t quite hit. I was happy to take Tilly out, his best mate, and ever since then he’s been gunning for me, seeking revenge. The best man won and unfortunately it wasn’t me. You’ve got to fight to the very end. I made the best pitch I could but you’ve got Ari who is a reformed person in the house. If I’m a betting man, I’d say Marley will make final three, Christina as a wild card and maybe Ari. Fingers crossed Danny misses out.”

Big Brother was #1 in the 16-39 key demo while Seven News topped both 18-49 and 25-54.

Deadpool 2 then followed with 290,000.

10 TV Ratings

The Project had 258,000 (6:30pm) and 416,000 (7:00pm) as the show covered how to contain the growing Covid cluster in Sydney, a family raising funds for brain cancer, and UNESCO recommending that the Great Barrier Reef should be considered endangered. 

On MasterChef 561,000 watched as the contestants got to choose their own pressure test that was being judged by famed pastry chef Darren Purchese. Linda and Tommy ended up being the two contestants to go through to the immunity challenge.

How to Stay Married had 296,000 as Greg’s ongoing battle with Luna comes to a head when he makes the bold decision to oust her as president of the Parent and Friends Committee.

ABC TV Ratings

Anh’s Brush with Fame featured famed Australian horse trainer Gai Waterhouse as Do attempted to capture her verve and charisma on the canvas.

Finding the Archibald then had 401,000 viewers as Rachel Griffiths had her portrait painted for the 2021 prize.

SBS TV Ratings

Who Do You Think You Are? had 344,000 viewers as Denise Drysdale took a DNA test, and wasn’t surprised to find her family hails from Scotland, but was shocked to discover she also has DNA links to Northern Ireland. 

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