TV Ratings August 9: Blockheads and Bachie share the midweek demo crowds

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings

• The Block and The Bachelor share the midweek demo crowds
• The guest bedrooms torment Blockheads, but delight audience
• News only Seven show in top 10, Micallef & Utopia strong for ABC

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Home and Away managed to hold above 700,000 yet it just managed to miss the OzTAM top 10.

Border Security followed with 671,000, while the numbers slipped to 629,000 for The Force. Both ob docs were close to 720,000 last week.

The midweek helping of Criminal Minds followed with 421,000 watching a new episode and then 316,000 watching the repeat.


A Current Affair featured a report from Taylor Auerbach on the raids this week targeting suspected terrorists and drug dealers. The 847,000 watching also saw a brief apology about an incorrect photo identifying one of the people police were investigating.

The Block followed with guest bedroom week causing its share of drama with some of the Blockheads choosing to include en-suites. There was even talk of a fireplace in one of the bedrooms. The show slipped just below 1m to 975,000, compared with the 983,000 watching on Wednesday last week.

Nine then turned to Rebel Wilson and her 2012 musical comedy Pitch Perfect. The film did 422,000.


After politicians finally woke up that there might be a few votes in stopping people getting ripped off over electricity prices, the story featured on several shows last night including The Project. Rachel Corbett joined the desk and Steve Price turned up for a guest spot. The episode did 593,000, which was its best result so far this week.

The Bachelor was the key driver behind TEN’s best share in two weeks with 753,000 watching, up from 715,000 a week ago. The showbiz maxim “leave them wanting more” applied last night with fans left hanging with the promise of the rest in tonight’s episode. The Bachelor ranked #2 in the key demos behind The Block, although it outrated The Block 25-54 in Sydney.

Offspring did 618,000 all people (up from 559,000 last week), but it ranked #3 for the night 25-54. If advertisers wanted female viewers, the combo of The Bachelor and Offspring was the place to be.


Hard Quiz was on 584,000 with one of the contestants picking South Park as their specialist topic, having watched every ep at least twice. The launch episode a week ago did 601,000.

Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell did 748,000 and just another 4,000 would have knocked off ABC News as the channel’s #1 midweek show. That is even better than last week’s 722,000 when the show was #1 for the week after ABC News.

Micallef managed to outrate Utopia again, which was on 721,000, up from 678,000 a week ago. At the end of the episode Tony closed a deal during the CEO Sleepout.

The audience dropped to 312,000 for Growing Up Gracefully after 302,000 last week.


Inside St Paul’s Cathedral drew 246,000 at 7.30pm.

Hijacked featured the episode Nightmare in the Desert with 181,000.

The Good Fight episode three did 151,000 after launching a week ago with the two episodes averaging 214,000.

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