TV ratings 26 November, 2022: Socceroos and Premier Dan win big

Not so much Sydney Sixers who surrender to Strikers in WBBL Final

SBS and the Socceroos were the big TV winners on the last night of TV ratings official survey for 2022.

For 40 weeks of the year the five FTA networks have battled it out for ratings supremacy. They now get about two months to repair the scars of the past year, restock their programming cabinets, and tweak the strategy for the year ahead.

The Socceroos saw the SBS metro live audience creep over 1m, something that never happens. The crowd was watching the FIFA World Cup clash with Tunisia where Australia had to overcome the favourite to stay in the hunt for a spot in the final 16. The audience was 1,034,000 which should grow to 1.5m+ when regional and BVOD numbers are collected.

TV ratings

That football audience was enough to push SBS primary share to 25.9% and its combined channel share to 29.2% – both winning numbers for the night.

That World Cup audience is a record for the 2022 event in Qatar for SBS.

See our list of the SBS TV ratings for all A World Cup 2022 matches so far.

TV ratings

SBS studio team for the Socceroos victory: Craig Foster, Mark Bosnich, John Aloisi and Richard Bayliss

ABC wrapped its ratings year in second place with a primary share of 14.7% and a combined channel share of 7.0%. The latter was pumped by coverage of the Victorian State Election where Dan Andrews won another term. The former was led by Doc Martin with the lower number of 318,000 partly due to the show not running in Melbourne where the focus was on election results.

It wasn’t a winning night for FTA commercial TV for a change.

Nine and Seven were tied on a primary share of 12.4% each. Seven narrowly had a bigger combined channel share thanks to the final of the WBBL where the Sydney Sixers surrendered to the Adelaide Strikers despite a relatively modest target under 150. The 7mate audience watching the cricket helped push the channel share to 3.4%, making it #1 multichannel last night.

10 was in all sorts as Saturday continues to be a challenge with a primary channel share of 3.9% and a combined channel share of 7.9%.

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