TV Guide: The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition on 10 and 10 Play

The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition begins at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10Play

Beau Ryan is set to host 10’s newest season of The Amazing Race Australia and they have teased that the celebrities that are set to appear will have a date with backpacker accommodation, budget travel and gruelling challenges. The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition premieres Wednesday, 4 October at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Ben and Jackie Gillies, George “King Of Bankstown” Mladenov, Rebecca Judd, Darren McMullen, Peter Rowsthorn and Harry Jowsey join Grant and Chezzi Denyer, Emma Watkins, Alli Simpson, Jana Pittman, Dane Simpson, and their nominated loved ones on a hot lap around the world.

Set against the backdrops of India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Borneo, the 11 celebrity racers and their loved ones will need to battle the harsh elements if they want to make it to the end and win money for their nominated charities.

Couple to watch Grand Denyer and Chezzi Denyer say the challenges of The Amazing Race will be more like a sweet vacation for them. 

“Anything is a holiday… even if you are in the hottest of hot or coldest of cold locations around the world being chased by a bear. When you are parents of three young children it sounds like a dream come true.”

Jokes aside, Chezzi said that part of the experience she’s most looking forward to is being completely out of her comfort zone, “So that when the girls watch TV they see their mum kick butt. Be brave — that’s what we want to teach them!”

This week, Beau Ryan admitted on Chattr’s The Entertainment Hotline Podcast, that the places – which include India, Malaysia, Borneo and Cambodia – have some of the toughest conditions they’ve ever had to face.

“This season is incredible. The conditions are tough in terms of cities and countries,” he said. “We go to India and it’s brutal. Whether you’re just travelling by yourself or with family and friends, it’s hard to get around. Now picture that with no phone, no bearings, the language barrier, currency problems, toilet, and fatigue. And then just repeat that every day for a month. And then it gets hotter.”

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The Amazing Race Australia is produced by Eureka Productions.

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition begins at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, October 4 on 10 and 10Play.

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