TV Guide: Lego Masters season three Grand Final, on Nine and 9Now

lego masters grand final

• Three teams left from the original eight will put all their construction skills to the competitive test

The Grand Final of Nine‘s Lego Masters airs at 7:30pm tonight, with builders from around the country battling it out to be crowned the Lego Masters for 2021. Three teams left from the original eight will put all their construction skills to the competitive test as they compete for the chance to win $100,000.

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Last season was won by Perth hipsters Alex and Jackson after building a Frankenstein-inspired world of a mad scientist. Set in a Victorian-era village, they named their robot the Frankenfig. Their build depicted the Frankenfig bursting through a mountain and terrorising the town below.

The final night audiences for season two were 1.462m for the announcement and 1.219m overall. The finale of season one pulled 1.481m and 1.253m.

This season the show introduced two new bricks into the mix, both with special powers. The Platinum Brick- won by Sarah and Fleur – saved the team from elimination, and the Brick of Doom – given to Gabby and Ryan – came with a curse.

The teams competing in tonight’s Lego Masters Grand Final:

Ryan and Gabby

Challenge wins: 3

Previously eliminated at the final five, Ryan and Gabby successfully re-entered Lego Masters in the second chance challenge.

The pair have built many standout creations, including a family retreat full of kids going nuts with ice cream.

David and Gus

Challenge wins: 5

David and Gus have claimed the win for multiple challenges, and their ability to create emotionally charged faces has left Brickman in tears.

The pair are great at adding technical elements into their build, but at times have struggled to come up with build ideas during the opening hours.

Owen and Scott

Challenge wins: 3

Owen and Scott bring very different elements to builds – with Owen bringing the urgency, and Scott bringing the chaos.

The team’s technical ability in the competition has been unmatched, with the pair even creating an arcade game that lit up three different levels in sequence.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. They’ve earned a reputation for smashing hours worth of work and changing ideas mid-build.

Lego Masters Australia Series 3 Facts:

• 3.2 million pieces of Lego live in the Brick Pit.
• An additional 500 unique parts have been introduced.
• There are 5,000 unique Lego elements in the Brick Pit and 9,000 Minifigures.
• 150 base plates were used to skin/cover/dress the challenges in this series. That’s the equivalent of 345,600 Lego studs.
• There is a new way to power Lego models and make them move using Bluetooth.
• Each team has a sorter to break down their model after the episode.
• To ensure Covid safety measures, each dismantled build is then washed before being returned to the Brick Pit.
• The money value of Lego in the Brick Pit is estimated at $1.2 million (consumer value).
• 5,100 additional Lego pieces, specifically requested by the last three surviving teams, are brought in for the Grand Final.

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