TV Demand: The Walking Dead moves to second, The Mandalorian drops to fourth

Walking Dead

• WandaVision remains number one across all four charts

With the season finale of WandaVision released on Disney+ on March 5th, the show is still well and truly staying at the top of the charts. With Assembled due to be released this week and the proven staying power of The Mandalorian, however, it’s likely that Disney+ will be topping the charts for a while yet.

Assembled is a new documentary series that will be aired on Disney+, taking a behind-the-scenes look at the shows and films of the Marvel universe. The first documentary episode will focus on WandaVision, and will feature actors Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, and Kathryn Hahn, plus the show’s creative team.

On the overall Australian charts this week, WandaVision sat 54.7 points above market average, a comfortable lead over The Walking Dead which has risen to second place.

The Walking Dead was given a boost this week off the back of Season 10 Episode 17, Home Sweet Home – the first of six bonus episodes that will be wedged between the Season 10 finale and the beginning of Season 11. 

Season 11 has been announced as the last in The Walking Dead series, and it’s set to be 24 episodes long.

The Mandalorian has dropped this week to fourth position on the overall chart. Whilst still an admirable position, it is the lowest that the latest addition to the Star Wars universe has charted all year. The season two finale aired back in December, however a third season has been confirmed to be in pre-production.

On the Australia digital original charts, Apple TV+’s space race themed historical fiction For All Mankind has made an appearance at number nine, down from eighth place last week. The first episode of the show’s second season aired on February 19, set a decade after the events of season one.

Top 10 Digital Original Series: Australia    Top 10 Overall TV Shows: Australia  
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1WandaVisionDisney+  54.7 1WandaVision  54.7
2The MandalorianDisney+  28.1 2The Walking Dead  30.2
3The CrownNetflix  21.5 3Attack On Titan  29.6
4The BoysAmazon Prime Video  21.2 4The Mandalorian  28.1
5The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video  18.7 5My Hero Academia  27.9
6The Handmaid’s TaleHulu  17.8 6Outlander  25.1
7Cobra KaiNetflix  17.3 7Brooklyn Nine-Nine  22.8
8Stranger ThingsNetflix  16.4 8Peppa Pig  22.6
9For All MankindApple TV+  14.8 9The Crown  21.5
10Ted LassoApple TV+  14.3 10South Park  21.5
Top 10 Digital Original Series: New Zealand    Top 10 Overall TV Shows: New Zealand  
RankTitlePlatformDifference from Market Average RankTitleDifference from Market Average
1WandaVisionDisney+45.1 1WandaVision  45.1
2The MandalorianDisney+19.8 2Attack On Titan  25.7
3The BoysAmazon Prime Video18.4 3The Walking Dead  21.5
4The CrownNetflix16.6 4PAW Patrol  20.6
5The ExpanseAmazon Prime Video16.0 5The Mandalorian  19.8
6The Handmaid’s TaleHulu9.9 6Peppa Pig  19.2
7Cobra KaiNetflix8.2 7The Boys  18.4
8The Flight AttendantHBO Max7.4 8The Crown  16.6
9Star Wars: The Clone WarsDisney+7.3 9Brooklyn Nine-Nine  16.3
10The Grand TourAmazon Prime Video7.1 10The Expanse  16.0


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