TV Demand: The Handmaid’s Tale reclaims all four charts

the handmaid's tale

• Netflix’s Shadow and Bone continues to perform well

The fourth series of The Handmaid’s Tale on SBS continues to dominate the charts this week, with the series based on the dystopian novel of the same name shooting to the top of all four charts.

This week in Australia it is 25.75 points above average, and 21.13 points above average in New Zealand.

This season has found June Osborne finally free, however her freedom isn’t where the story ends. The fact that she has managed to escape comes with the chance to get justice for everyone victimised by Gilead.

At the top of her list of people to make pay for her suffering is Commander Fred Waterford and his wife Serena Joy.

As Game of Thrones continues to enjoy its tenth anniversary celebrations, the iconic show has had a strong week on the charts. It came in at fourth on the Overall Australian charts at 22.22 points above market average, and second in New Zealand with 17.18 points above the market average.

Whilst fans of the show still hold a grudge about the last seasons of the show and the endings that the people of Westeros were given, viewers still seem to be switching back on to mark the anniversary of Game of Thrones.

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone continues to perform well. This week the show averages 15.43 points above average in Australia and 7.01 points above average in New Zealand.

Ravka is a fantasy kingdom in a war-torn world plagued by the Shadow Fold. The Shadow Fold is a permanent darkness separating East from West Ravka, and an area which is known to be inhabited by carnivorous winged creatures known as Volcra. Alina Starkov discovers that she can use magic, and that she possesses the power to create light.

Shadow and Bone came in at third on the Digital Original Australian chart and ninth on the Digital Original New Zealand chart.

the handmaid's tale

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