Television chiefs on ReThinkTV

Mediaweek speaks to TV CEOs at the ReThinkTV marketing forum

Hugh Marks, Paul Anderson, Kim Portrate, Peter Tonagh, Tim Worner

Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner told Mediaweek after the CEO session at the ReThinkTV marketing forum that the big takeaway for delegates was that TV works. “Based on evidence and facts TV works better than anything else. We are how getting the chance to underline that and we are getting the chance to shine a light on some of the other spurious measurements that abound in our market.”

As to whether the TV broadcasters need to be a little less focused on competing with each other, Foxtel CEO Peter Tonagh said: “We should continue to compete aggressively on screen, but when it comes to supporting the industry we should come together and work as a sector.”

Mediaweek asked Network Ten CEO Paul Anderson if the FTA multichannels perhaps needed more dynamic branding, perhaps like Viceland? “That was an interesting choice by SBS and there has been some debate about it. What we are offering though is a diverse amount of content across our range of channels.” This content is also pulling bigger audiences, so far, than most of the Viceland content.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer at the ReThink TV Marketing Forum

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer at the ReThink TV Marketing Forum

If advertisers decide to share the love across more channels, but not increase their sector ad spend, that could benefit Ten most which is trailing Seven and Nine in ad share. But Nine CEO Hugh Marks doesn’t think that will happen. “Share is determined by performance – the suite of the content, the rights you have available and the effectiveness of the content over multiple platforms. More love for the industry will create demand, demand will create growth in revenue and an acknowledgement of the effectiveness in delivering great advertising outcomes.”

Comments from Worner that perhaps broadcasters could do a better job on some of their content attracted much interest. “I feel I have started something by just being a little bit honest about the industry. I feel we can do better and I am confident we will do better. I feel we have better TV programs in us than we saw this year.”

As to where the opportunities might lie in the schedule, Worner told Mediaweek: “There are opportunities across the whole schedule including daytime. One thing we know for certain about the future is there will always be great stories being told that will attract big audiences, which is a great opportunity for advertisers.”

With the networks coming together Mediaweek asked the CEOs about other opportunities for cooperation. Marks: “There are some big categories of expense in our business that we are actively having talks about at the moment. I’d expect to see over the next couple of years some real and meaningful cooperation that will help all of our businesses.”

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