Kim Portrate: TV offers a beacon of stability in a time of technological turbulence

Kim Portrait, CEO, ThinkTV tv

“In a time when digital can feel like a gamble, TV offers advertisers a safe bet.”

Between impending privacy changes, the deprecation of cookies and the impact of AI, digital advertising is heading into a future more unpredictable than ever before. Amid all the turbulence, TV offers stability, brand safety and a reliable return on investment, despite market-wide disruption.

By Kim Portrate, CEO at ThinkTV

There’s never a dull moment in this industry. If there is and we do get a little peace, it causes headlines too. But right now, there’s no end to the onslaught of change in the media landscape. 

It’s hard to recall a time of such rapid change with the transformative impact of artificial intelligence hogging most of the headlines. 

No doubt you’re already seeing the impact of AI on your business and with the recent rollout of ChatGPT with Voice, even more dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour will soon be a reality. 

From AI providing direct answers to consumer questions, potentially bypassing traditional brand websites, to services that can do our bidding reducing the need to personally manage admin tasks like changing your internet plan or insurance provider, the digital environment we have become comfortable with is set for a massive shake-up.

And, while this technological advancement holds some promise for both consumers and brands, it adds a layer of unpredictability for advertisers. The once again delayed deprecation of third-party cookies amplifies this uncertainty, particularly when partnered with impending changes to privacy regulations later this year. 

It’s little wonder advertisers are looking at how these changes impact the way they interact with their consumers, rethinking everything from SEO to the way they find and communicate with customers in digital channels. 

In times of uncertainty, advertisers seek out stability. And that’s where Total TV helps.

Recent OzTAM data shows TV audiences have stabilised, offering a haven from certainty in an otherwise volatile environment. Data shows that TV continues to engage over 19 million Australians weekly, surpassing the active user base of popular social media platforms.

ThinkTV State Market 1

The consistent weekly reach of TV, combined with the growing popularity of Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD), underscores TV’s ability to adapt and remain strong in this rapidly changing landscape.  

ThinkTV State Market 2

Even the sought-after 16-39 demographic is looking stable in the Total TV environment.

ThinkTV State Market 3

This stability is a boon for advertisers. Predictable viewership allows for more precise planning and execution of campaigns. Brands can confidently invest in Total TV, knowing their messages will reach a wide and engaged audience. 

Add to this Total TV’s sophisticated targeting capabilities available through BVOD and investment in TV gives advertisers the best of both worlds: high-velocity reach as well as the tools to target specific demographics safely, consistently and effectively. 

In a time when digital can feel like a gamble, TV offers advertisers a safe bet. Its trusted, brand-safe environment makes it an attractive choice for advertisers. 

The near future only holds more upheaval for digital as AI and privacy regulations continue to reshape the landscape. While this plays out, TV stands out as a stable and effective medium, ready to deliver consistent results for brands.

Television has always been more than just a platform for content; it reflects and shapes our community, making it an integral part of Australian culture. 

For advertisers looking to connect with audiences in meaningful and impactful ways, TV remains an invaluable partner in the ever-changing world of media.

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