Triple M’s ’90s show Rubber Room to return with Ugly Phil

Triple M to rock harder with Ugly Phil to host network return of Rubber Room

Ugly Phil (left) will launch a new old Triple M night show on Monday,12 October in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Triple M Rubber Room was last on air in the late ’90s, hosted by the late John Kennedy, at the time JK and Phil were arch enemies with Phil hosting the Hot 30 with Jackie O, and John Kennedy scaring the Triple M night audience.

Triple M Network head of content Mike Fitzpatrick said, “In its day, The Rubber Room was chaotic and strange. I’m concerned and a little disturbed that I even want it back on air. However, I could think of no worse person than Phil to host it. He’ll invoke the spirit of our late comrade to once again wreak havoc on the Australian night-time audience. New rock, compelling content and Phil exorcising the voices in his head. I can’t wait.”

Triple M Rubber Room Host, Phil O’Neil said, “This is an important day in the life of our nation and I’m happy to be elected as host of this country’s fine Rubber Room.”

Stepping up to fill his tiny shoes across the Triple M workday in Sydney will be Jacqui Kassulke (right). She first joined Triple M in Melbourne in 2002.

Kassulke said, “Being on air at Triple M is something I used to dream about when I was a little girl…but I also wanted a pony so it’s swings and roundabouts really.”

In other news, Matt White will replace Brad Hulme as executive producer of the Triple M Grill Team in Sydney.

White was recently described by the team as “Just like Matt O’Reilly (previous EP) but happier.”

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