News Corp acquires Unruly

News Corp acquires video ad tech company Unruly

News Corp Australia chief operating officer Peter Tonagh today confirmed that the company will be fully utilising the power of Unruly for the benefit of Australian advertisers.

Tonagh’s announcement follows the acquisition of Unruly by News Corp, which was revealed overnight.

Unruly is a video ad tech company, with 200 people in 15 offices, including Sydney, and regional hubs in London, New York and Singapore.

Tonagh said: “The utilisation of Unruly’s technology will significantly increase our standing in the rapidly growing digital video advertising space.

“For our advertising and agency partners this means that, over the next few months, News Corp Australia will begin to offer access to Unruly products through our sales teams. This means more premium video and mobile inventory than ever before, an even stronger content marketing offering and, ultimately, improved returns for our advertisers.”

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