Triple M Sydney loses brekky EP Matthew O’Reilly to Adelaide

Triple M Sydney loses The Grill Team EP Matthew O’Reilly to Adelaide. Brad Hulme to step in to O’Reilly’s shoes.

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Triple M Sydney content director Jamie Angel has announced that The Grill Team is losing its executive producer Matthew “Father” O’Reilly.

Angel told colleagues: “As you know he is like a brother to us all here at the M’s and this came as a devastating blow when we found out.

The Grill Team has had a remarkable ratings improvement over the last few years and Father happened to be around at the time and we reluctantly accept that he’s moving on to greener pastures as the content director of Triple M Adelaide.”

Replacing O’Reilly will be Brad Hulme who Angel noted has an extraordinary pedigree having formerly been the executive producer of the extremely successful breakfast show The Cage on Triple M Sydney and Melbourne a few years back and more recently he was the content director of 5AA. Brad Hulme moves to Sydney with his wife Irene who as we noted last week is taking up the role of content director at hit1041 2Day FM.

It is the second loss for The Grill Team in Sydney this year after earlier losing long-time breakfast and sports producer Brenden Wood who left to work for Seven News in Sydney.

Photo (L-R): Jamie Angel, Matthew O’Reilly, Gus Worland and Chris Page

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