Triple M NRL has no listeners 70+, 2GB has more than 50,000

Triple M NRL fails attract listeners over 70 while 2GB’s Continuous Call sweeps up the demo

Triple M has issued a press release noting they have failed to something in the latest radio ratings:

In the latest official radio ratings Triple M NRL has failed to attract a single listener aged over 70 years old.

At the same time 2GB’s Continuous Call Team has cleaned up the over 70’s attracting more than 50,000 Grannies and Grand Dads

This is a result that absolutely reinforces the investment by 2GB key advertisers Twilight Aged Care and Simplicity Funerals.

Searching for any positive stories from the latest Sydney radio Survey, Triple M NRL offers these results:
•  Triple M NRL now attracts 46,000 more listeners overall than 2GB’s Continuous Call Team.
•  Triple M NRL’s under 50’s audience is almost 4 times that of 2GB’s Continuous Call Team. (183,000 vs 47,000)
•  Triple M NRL draws almost double the number of under 70 year old listeners compared to 2GB’s Continuous Call Team. (214,000 vs 115,000)
•  Triple M NRL attracts zero listeners that, by law requires a yearly medical review to drive a car.

Another victory for 2GB.

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