Trevor Long’s EFTM fast-tracking growth with equity for contributors

• Founder Trevor Long said the move is part of a bigger drive for the brand

The multiplatform digital content provider EFTM (Everything For The Man – has announced a business restructure that will see long-term contributors Geoff Quattromani and Chris Bowen join Trevor Long in co-ownership of the business.


Founder Trevor Long said the move is part of a bigger drive for the brand that will see it significantly increase its content, broaden its reach and further grow the EFTM brand moving forward.

Originally established in 2011 by technology commentator Long with Damian Francis and Nick Broughall, EFTM’s vision was to create a fun, informative site for all things relating to the modern regular Australian man, free of pretension. Since then the site has been largely driven by Long.

For Bowen and Quattromani, the move comes after several years of work as voluntary contributors, with Long explaining the move into ownership is not just a reward for their dedication, but an important foundation for the next phase of growth in the men’s lifestyle space.

Chris Bowen will subsequently move into a full-time role from next month as the publication’s inaugural motoring editor in addition to contributing to other areas of the site. Quattromani will continue in his role as lifestyle editor.

“This is a very exciting time for EFTM, what we can do with the site and more broadly look at opportunities to grow the brand,” said Long.

“The response from corporate partners has been so fantastic that we have been able to bring in two key editors and deliver them ownership in the business. As life for contributors remains ever challenging in the broader media landscape, it’s certainly a good feeling to know that key members of the team who have been passionately working to grow the site for several years now are able to call it their own,” said editor-in-chief Long.

Chris Bowen, Trevor Long,

Chris Bowen has worked in the media for over 20 years, primarily in radio as a studio producer and executive producer, as well as a recent stint at News Corp working on audio projects there. His passion for motoring is lifelong, getting a taste for reviewing them when he and Long started video reviews of cars in 2008.

“Writing about cars has been a passion of mine for a decade now, so I’m delighted to be able to commit myself full-time to EFTM and take the site to the heights we know it can get to. The appetite for new motoring reviews and videos is voracious and I am confident that we can deliver this information to our readers better than anyone in the country,” said Bowen.

In addition to EFTM, Long continues to grow his media profile and brand ambassador work. He contributes tech news and product reviews to over 50 radio stations across Australia each week including talkback segments in Brisbane and Perth.

Long will also continues his regular appearances as Nine’s Today show tech expert with his consumer technology roundups, news and viewer engagement as well as continuing to provide commentary to A Current Affair, something he’s been doing for over eight years.

Long also works as a corporate speaker, where he delivers a keynote around key technology trends that will affect both business and life more broadly.

The team’s long-term videographer Rob Locke has also taken an ownership stake in the business to recognise the valuable contribution video has made, while Broughall and Francis retain part ownership as co-founders.

Top photo: The AFTM team on the road [L-R] – Chris Bowen, Trevor Long and Geoff Quattromani

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