Top 10 Game Charts: Far Cry, Metro, and Jump Force all enjoy big weeks

• One title conspicuous by its absence, however, is Crackdown 3

By ICam Shea, Editor in Chief, IGN Australia

As expected, a number of new titles debuted at the top of the charts this week, with fresh entries in the Far Cry and Metro series’ and the high-energy anime all-star fighting game Jump Force all performing well in their first couple of days on sale.

One title conspicuous by its absence, however, is Crackdown 3, which – like those other titles – also launched on February 15. Granted, Crackdown 3 is free for anyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and it’s also only available on Windows and Xbox One, whereas the other three titles are also on the industry-leading PlayStation 4 console, but even so, it’s pretty incredible that it didn’t even crack the top 10, and was in fact outsold by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe; a game that was originally released in April 2017.

Crackdown 3 did manage to come in at number four (behind Far Cry New Dawn, Metro: Exodus and Jump Force) on the Xbox One chart, but that then simply indicates a low volume of retail sales on that platform as a whole. It must be a bitter disappointment for Microsoft given the lofty ambitions the company had early on in the development process for Crackdown 3. The promise was that cloud computing would power unrivalled real-time destruction in the game, but ultimate that amounted to nothing of consequence in a project that saw multiple developers and multiple delays. The end result proved to be as underwhelming as the sales.

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