Ticker launches new programs + upgrades to studio and website

New: Ticker Property, Black Belt Leader & Ryan Jon on new media

Ticker, Australia’s first dedicated streaming network for business news, will launch three new programs – Ticker Property hosted by MovingHub CEO Kris Bondin, Black Belt Leader, hosted by Corporate Dojo Sensei Karen Gately, and a new program about new media hosted by Ryan Jon (pictured).

Each of the programs are hosted by experts in their field, and fit within Ticker’s content strategy of “business lifestyle” around our news programs.

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Starting soon on Ticker, host Ryan Jon will helm a new program on Ticker that delves into the world of new and digital media.

It will cover media industry headlines, create its own original content and interview podcasters, Youtubers, social media stars, musicians and industry experts.

Ryan has recently been working in radio, but also boasts an honours degree in finance, having previously worked for NAB and Pitch Partners.

He’ll also be an on air contributor to Morning Express and will work behind the scenes on the organisation’s social media strategy.

Ryan Jon said: “Every time I’ve met with [Ticker CEO and founder] Ahron Young and the Ticker team I’ve felt really pumped about what they’re creating. As someone who’s always enjoyed reading about entrepreneurs and start up culture, to actually be a part of a new media start-up myself is really exciting.

“Those who know me know that I love to roll my sleeves up and create, I love to innovate and I love to learn and it feels like the possibilities are endless working in a small start up like Ticker.”

Every Monday, Ticker Property will look back at the auctions over the weekend, while real estate experts analyse the latest auction data coming in from Real Time Agent and what it means for buyers and sellers.

Kris Bondin

MovingHub CEO Kris Bondin said: “We’ll have access to data to discuss the weekend’s property auction results and what the data means to prospective buyers or sellers.

“The show will be inviting experts far and wide within the property industry, from mortgage brokers to real estate agents.”

On Tuesdays, Corporate Dojo Sensei Karen Gately will be hosting a new show about our changing workplaces, and how she uses the lessons from the martial arts to share insights into how leaders can become the best possible version of themselves.

Karen Gately

Karen Gately said: “We learn in the martial arts that to be a Sensei and guide others on a journey of self-mastery, these character traits are essential.

On Black Belt Leader we’ll be exploring how to develop your character and the capabilities needed to get the best from people on your team.”

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Ticker CEO Ahron Young said: “Ryan, Karen and Kris have all been excellent expert guests on Ticker in recent months and really know their stuff.

“With so much conflicting information about the direction of the property market. Kris will have the very latest data coming through from Real Time Agent.

“Karen is an actual Sensei and will breathe energy into the topic of corporate workplaces and HR. So much has changed in recent years, and Karen channels the lessons from the marital arts to bring out the best. Her guests include CEOs and sports people, to hear their stories.

“When Ryan Jon walked through my door a few weeks back, he arrived with a bottle of gin. From that moment I knew we had a host! Ryan is a brilliant broadcaster, and his story reflects the values of Ticker. He’s returning to Victoria to host an exciting new program, where he’ll analyse the world of young social media influencers, with a focus on new media and streaming services.”

Ticker is also relaunching the website this week with a live feed of its programming, as well as more video content from shows.

Last week Ticker launched an expanded HD TV studio featuring larger screens and state of the art lighting, allowing more guests on at one time.

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