Ticker launches five FAST channels with new programs on a new app


New channels cover money, food, exercise, documentaries and leadership

Independent streaming TV news channel Ticker is launching five new FAST channels to complement its main news channel.

The Ticker Company CEO Ahron Young said the new channels focus on money, documentaries, cooking, active, and exclusive Insight interviews.


The Ticker Company CEO Ahron Young

Five new Ticker channels

Ticker Money covers personal finance and market news. Content includes Chris Judd’s and Genevieve Day’s new program Ticker Talks Trends, plus a new show called Ticker Talks Growth, hosted by Bae Juice founders Tim O’Sullivan and Liam Gostencnik.

Ticker Chef is a new 24/7 channel featuring cooking tips and shows hosted by professional chefs, including MasterChef alumni Phil Conway and Ticker host Mike Loder.

Ticker Active is a new 24/7 channel bringing simple do-it-yourself workouts that viewers can do at home. Featuring new personal trainer hosts Sarah Mazza, celebrity trainer Jono Castano and professional footballer Aaron Evans.

Ticker Docos screens original documentaries on a new channel, bringing topics to viewers around the clock.

Ticker Insight focuses on thought leadership, bringing the best of business and industry together to discuss the biggest issues.

New programming app

The new channels are part of a new Ticker app, now available on Google Play and Apple TV, and coming soon to Samsung TVs and Comcast in the United States. The app features the FAST channels, as well as VOD content.

News anchor Veronica Dudo

Where to watch

The news channel continues to stream with global syndication partners, including FetchTV, Flash News and TelstraTV in Australia, SlingTV and FuboTV in the United States, RakutenTV and SamsungTV+ across Europe, the UK and Japan, Zee5 in India and connected TVs anywhere.

CEO Ahron Young said: “This is a defining moment for team Ticker. Never content with just one channel, we know our viewers are urban professionals making key life choices and looking for content that is designed for them.

“News is always in our DNA, but as we learned more about our audience we found that there’s an opportunity to create one place that delivers news, money, tech and lifestyle tailored to them. This is Ticker 3.0,” Young added.

Ticker Money team: Liam Gostencnik, Tim O’Sullivan, Genevieve Day, Chris Judd

The business is launching 10 new series over the coming weeks which will air across the FAST channels. They will also be streamed on the Ticker News Channel on weekends.

Chief operating officer Jed Bertalli said: “It’s been a huge effort by our entire team to launch these new channels, build new apps, relaunch our website, and create new shows and content with our fantastic new hosts. The new app gives our viewers free access to the stories and tips that help them in their everyday lives.”

Active Chef team: Mike Loder, Sarah Mazza, Phil Conway, Jono Castano

The streaming broadcaster has recently appointed Jason Cadd as chief sales officer, working with brands and businesses to get the message out to a global audience. Cadd explained: “Ticker is the destination for businesses looking to engage a precise and captivated audience. Our average audience age is 39, so they’re looking for something completely different. They’re living in the city, often working from home, using multiple devices and have no idea what a TV aerial is.”

Top photo of the team: Sarah Mazza, Phil Conway, Mike Loder, Veronica Dudo, Ahron Young, Chris Judd, Genevieve Day

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