The Kate, Tim & Joel drive show starts September 14

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• The drive show is on 3pm to 6pm weekdays from Monday 14 September

The Kate, Tim & Joel drive show launches Monday 14 September, 3pm to 6pm on the Nova Network.

When Marty Sheargold revealed on air July 24 that he would be quitting the Nova drive show, his on-air colleagues Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell had known about his departure for close to month.

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Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell on the end of the Nova drive team

Blackwell told Mediaweek that over the years of working together, “Marty always played by the Marty Sheargold rule book and does what is right for him and this is obviously right for him. We have worked with each other for over 10 years. I leave with a friend for life. I’m not sure how he feels, but maybe he has questioned, especially during Covid, that should he really be leaving a comfortable fulltime job on his own choosing? Ultimately it is his call, and this is how he has lived his life.”

Ritchie, Blackwell and Joel Creasey will come together on the Nova Network to bring a conversational cheekiness to the drive shift. Creasey will join Ritchie and Blackwell as the newest addition to the drive show, with a combination of the day’s hot topics, the best of digital and online and their unique benchmarks and games.

Featuring the segments that listeners have grown to love over the past six years, including Monday’s Mailbag, The Wednesday Wheel and the highly competitive Quick Draw, the team and their new co-host Creasey will continue to deliver everything their audience have come to expect and more.

Ritchie said: “We’re all keen to get into the studio on Monday… Get Joel out of the house regularly, kick off the show and start making KTJ radio instead of just talking about it!”

Blackwell said: “I’ve just told Joel to spend the time leading up to our first show listening to Cardi B’s WAP on repeat. If that doesn’t break him we’ll know he’s ready for the gig!”

Creasey said: “Can’t wait to start Kate, Tim & Joel on Monday. Is there any research I should do? A book I should read? Is there an online masterclass I can sign up to? Just kidding. That sounds exhausting… I’m sure someone’s going to tell me… right?…”

Joel Creasey will be heard alongside Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell as Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel national drive show, 3pm to 6pm weekdays, from Monday 14 September.

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