Talent key factor in choosing radio station, shows GfK’s AudienScope report

GfK research: Radio audiences up + why funny hosts get paid the big bucks

GfK’s latest AudienScope report shows that Australian radio audiences have grown by 7% in the last five years, 19% of people are listening to more radio now than they were a year ago and driving while listening to live radio is the top multitasking activity.

AudienScope 1, 2015, released by research company GfK, indicates that radio is a constant companion throughout the day, with nearly half (48%) of all listeners choosing to stay on the same station for long periods of time, demonstrating its value as a multitasking medium that is often consumed in conjunction with other activities. The number one activity while listening to radio is driving, with 66% of people listening to the radio while driving.

The report shows that while other traditional media platforms fragment, radio is on throughout the day and keeps listeners informed, relaxed and feeling good, even more so than TV, print magazines, newspapers and the internet.

The research also indicates that radio talent is the key attraction to listeners’ favourite stations. Six in 10 (59%) people listen to their favourite radio station because of the personality-driven content. The top five qualities listeners want in a presenter were revealed and more than 82% of listeners agreed that the attribute they most preferred in a presenter was a sense of humour.

GfK AudienScope 1 2015

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