Streem’s NewsProtect helps AAP Newswire safeguard news content

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• The reborn AAP will become NewsProtect’s first customer

AAP Newswire has announced a launch partnership with media monitoring firm Streem to track use of their news content in real time through Streem’s new automated copyright compliance tool NewsProtect.

NewsProtect allows publishers and media owners to police unlicensed use of their news content as well as monitor attribution rates for their journalism across millions of news stories, as they’re published in Australia and around the world.

The reborn AAP will become NewsProtect’s first customer, three months after the newswire was acquired by a consortium of philanthropists and restructured as a not-for-profit. Other publishers who license their content to Streem will also be invited to access NewsProtect.

Streem chief executive Elgar Welch said the company was eager to help publishers ensure they were properly rewarded for journalistic effort.

“News content is extremely valuable. Streem understands that and is focused on leveraging technology to aid publishers in fighting theft and keeping track of who is using their content and how.”

Earlier this month, Streem became the only media monitoring company to sign a new licensing agreement with the Copyright Agency that included higher payments to news publishers.

AAP CEO Emma Cowdroy (pictured) said with 76 journalists providing independent, objective news to 400+ media outlets around Australia, it was impossible to track usage and attribution manually.

“Partnering with Streem allows us to concentrate on producing excellent news coverage and working hard to understand our reach and impact,” Cowdroy said.

“It’s important we monitor the use of AAP content, to be fair to our paying clients but also for the ordinary people helping crowdfund our journalism.”

NewsProtect leverages realtime news data that enables publishers to view potential infringements, issue takedown notices and protect original journalism. The cloud-based tool empowers content security by enabling editors, journalists and media owners to protect their content from a single Desktop platform.

“As publishers increasingly turn to subscription-based revenue models, we are seeing the growing emergence of copycat news websites, blogs and forums reproducing valuable content without authorisation,” said Welch.

“NewsProtect offers a technology-driven solution to tracking and flagging unauthorised publication of content, stopping losses and ensuring revenue streams continue.”

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