SCA cranks up the volume in regional breakfast: 8 new shows & announcers revealed


SCA’s Dave Cameron confirms regional strategy, Maz Compton returns in new Central Coast show

Recent decisions by SCA have seen questions raised about the broadcaster’s commitment to regional markets. In particular, its commitment to breakfast shows anywhere outside of the state capitals.

There have been recent teary farewells from regional breakfast shows in various markets, in particular Gosford and Gold Coast.

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The axing of some breakfast shows was happening against the backdrop of ARN’s audacious play to strip out the best SCA assets for itself and push what was left into the hands of private equity.

Until that takeover move plays out though, SCA is continuing to run business as normal.

And that means maintaining its presence in regional Australia with what the company calls its Proudly National, Fiercely Local strategy. It plays out differently across the Hit and Triple M networks.

Talking about recent regional programming changes, SCA chief content officer Dave Cameron told Mediaweek: “The way we organise our two networks is trying to offer a different product with the best organisation of our assets. With the Hit Network, we have shown you can be successful with a national product with strong local appeal.

In recent years many of our markets went to what we called a super show strategy. Those markets have seen stronger commercial and audience outcomes.

“With Triple M we double-downed on localism. What we are announcing this week is an extension of the strategy we have had in place for a couple of years. On the Hit Network, we are extending our super shows in Gold Coast, Newcastle and Hobart. They will now be the bases for our super shows.

“With that, there have been some talent and show adjustments. Broadly we are continuing on a successful path we launched a few years ago. That is having a proudly national approach and fiercely local approach with our two networks.”

Changing face of regional radio

When asked about preserving the heritage of regional stations, Cameron said: “We have had to change the business model. Not every station in Australia can now have a line-up hosting from dusk to dawn. The model has changed and it has changed forever.

“We have to have scaled-down versions of stations in smaller markets. That is why a Proudly National, Fiercely Local approach has delivered us really strong results.

“We have been able to change the model for the whole of one of our networks in regional markets to be able to align with cost pressures and the way people are consuming audio now.”

At the other end of the day, SCA continues its existing drive show strategy around Australia.

Hit Network stations get the national Carrie & Tommy show wherever they are. Triple M stations get the state-based metro Rush Hour programs broadcast in each metro market. One exception is Triple M in Queensland where there are separate Rush Hour programs for the north and the south of the state.

Triple M format tweaks

Cameron explained the sound of Triple M has been changing. “Triple M is not a rock format in regional markets. Also, in several of our metros, Triple M is broadly becoming a 40+ boomer-Gen-X greatest hits format. Rock remains a part of Triple M. We could not say ‘rock’ for the next 40 years and we would still own rock!”

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New Hit Network Super Shows

Gold Coast

The new show Bronte & Lakey show will broadcast to all of regional Queensland Hit Network stations. The new show replaces Bianca, Ben & Lakey. Dave Cameron explained: “Bronte Langbroek has been on our Queensland super show out of Townsville and she will join Danny Lakey on the Sea FM Gold Coast breakfast show. Bronte will still be heard in all of the markets she has been broadcasting to in the past year. Bronte is a Goldie girl and is a magnificent new talent. It gives us a slightly different show in that market where there have been similar breakfast shows across Sea FM, Triple M and Hot Tomato. We think we will have something interesting and a bit different.” There will be a further announcement about another co-host.



Jess & Ducko will be the NSW Hit Network breakfast show, replacing Nick, Jess & Ducko. Cameron: “They have been hosting the Newcastle Hit Network breakfast for several years, although the show will now be a duo. Jess is on maternity leave and she returns early in 2024 to start broadcasting across NSW. The show will also be heard on Hit Gosford as that becomes a satellite station for us.” Nick Gill is the co-host who won’t return in 2024.


Cameron: “Dan & Christie have been on air for 12 months. Hobart in the past has been its own local station. It will continue to be a local Hobart breakfast show but it will also be the base of the super show for Victoria. The reason we have done that out of Hobart rather than where it previously was in Albury is audience. Look at the size and importance of Hobart with 200,000 people. The next biggest market in Tasmania and Victoria is Bendigo with 120,000.”

Western Australia

Hit Western Australia’s Breakfast with Allan & Carly, with Allan Aldworth and Carly Portch, remains the same.

New Triple M local shows

Triple M 107.7 Central Coast

Just two weeks ago breakfast listeners on the Central Coast were hearing the final Maz & Matty show, farewelling hosts Maz Compton and Matt Baseley and their team. Now Maz is back but at a different station. Cameron: “Maz Compton flips across networks for us to do a show with Paddy Gerrard on Triple M Gosford.”

Triple M 102.3 Townsville

Cliffo & Kate for Breakfast is a new show to replace Hall of Famer Steve “Pricey” Price. Cameron: “We have had the hard job replacing Pricey. We have moved Cliffo [Guy Clifton] across from Hit Network’s super show to anchor the new Triple M breakfast show. Where we can we have been able to transition some of our announcers across to the other network. Cliffo’s co-host Kate Jeboult is new to radio after one fill-in for Pricey recently. She runs her own digital media company in Townsville she has a bit of an X-factor in the market.”

Triple M 93.5 Bendigo

Bendigo gets a new local breakfast combination, with the Hit Network’s Julia Greenhalf joining local radio veteran Bryan Coghlan on Cogho & Jules for Breakfast.

Triple M 95.3 Goulburn Valley

The Hit Network’s Nick Feain joins existing host Josh Arthur for Nick & Josh for Breakfast.

A new local Triple M Hobart Breakfast show for 2024 will be revealed soon.

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