Roundup: Crisis at Marvel, Ten legal drama, ABC staff “not diverse enough”

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Ten v Wilkinson: Network becomes home to its own legal drama

Network Ten star recruit Lisa Wilkinson, having been offscreen for a year, is about to face off against her employer in court, bringing a once-promising relationship to a potentially sour end, reports The Sydney Morning Herald’s Calum Jaspan.

On Friday, Wilkinson and Network Ten will be before the NSW Supreme Court in an attempt to resolve a dispute over unpaid legal fees – a situation some say never should have come to pass.

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ABC chief content officer Chris Oliver-Taylor warns that it does not have enough colleagues from ‘a diverse background’

ABC management is concerned it does not have a diverse enough workforce and said action must be taken to ensure it reflects “modern Australian in our content and staff,” reports The Australian’s Sophie Elsworth.

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On Thursday, the ABC’s chief content officer Chris Oliver-Taylor sent an email to staff and warned that action must be taken to ensure diversity and inclusion is made a priority at the taxpayer-funded broadcaster.

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Paramount cuts streaming losses to $238M as subscribers grow to 63M

Amid its quest to slim down its asset portfolio to scale up its core entertainment ambitions, Paramount Global hit 63 million global streaming subscribers in the latest quarter (up from 61 million as of the end of June) and kept narrowing losses in its direct-to-consumer segment to $238 million, a possibly encouraging sign for Wall Street, reports The Hollywood Reporter’s Erik Hayden.

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French lessons: What Australia can learn ahead of hosting the 2027 World Cup

The Rugby World Cup in France is over and thoughts turn to Australia hosting the next edition in 2027, reports The Sydney Morning Herald’s Jonathan Drennan.

The 2023 tournament thrilled and frustrated in equal measure. Preventable logistical issues were set against thrilling rugby in packed stadiums.

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Crisis at Marvel: Jonathan majors back-up plans, ‘The Marvels’ reshoots, reviving original Avengers and more issues revealed

This past September, a group of Marvel creatives, including studio chief Kevin Feige, assembled in Palm Springs for the studio’s annual retreat. Most years, the vibe would have been confident — even cocky — given how the premier superhero brand, owned by Disney since 2009, has remade the entertainment business in its image, reports Variety Australia’s Tatiana Siegel.

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Opinion: It’s time to admit we were all wrong about this Baz Luhrmann film

Ask 10 Australian film fans their view of Baz Luhrmann and you will probably get 11 opinions, reports The Sydney Morning Herald’s Garry Maddox.

Opinion one: the Australian director is a visionary genius who keeps redefining cinema genres.

Opinion two: he makes films that are over-the-top, flamboyant and hollow. 

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Sydney steals the show in Ryan Gosling’s latest blockbuster The Fall Guy

Sydney is a character in and of itself in new Hollywood blockbuster, The Fall Guy, reports News Corp’s Jonathon Moran.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, the movie was filmed in and around the city from October last year through to March.

The first look trailer has been released out of the United States overnight, with director David Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick very much highlighting the Harbour City on the big screen.

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