SBS share soars close to 9% thanks to Struggle Street

SBS share soars close to 9% as Keo Film’ Struggle Street attracts over 900,000

By James Manning

SBS’ midweek share of 8.9% was the best result this year in what could be a very strong month for the broadcaster with Eurovision still to come.

Driving that big number was the first episode of Struggle Street which saw the audience rise from 278,000 for Sacred Wonders of Britain at 7.30pm to 935,000 for the first episode of the Keo Films Australia production at 8.30pm. After the massive over-reaction this week, the show proved to be a sympathetic look at people doing it a lot tougher than they should have to. It’s almost as if nobody from the local council or other critics had actually bothered to watch the program.

The programmers responsible for commissioning the content and the program makers have almost gone from villains to heroes overnight.

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