Studio 10 EP Rob McKnight departs: “My services are no longer required”

‘I am not going to spin a BS line that I resigned’

The executive producer of Network Ten’s morning program Studio 10 Rob McKnight revealed on social media on Monday morning that he no longer worked for the broadcaster:

“Sad to say I no longer work @channelten. It’s been a difficult 4.5 years with a lot of stress (and I can handle stress…most of the time). Time to open a coffee shop!”

One of the reactions to the news came from a star of The Bold And The Beautiful, Katherine Kelly Lang, who posted on social media: “What?? What happened?? Thanks for always being so kind to me when I am on Studio10au !! This is terrible.”

Studio 10 is one of the portfolio of programs under the network’s head of entertainment and factual programming Stephen Tate. It is believed Tate and the network will appoint a new EP for Studio 10 in due course.

McKnight wrote this note to friends and colleagues at Network Ten after he learned of his sacking this week:

I always knew my passion would be my downfall and today that day has come.

It has been an extraordinarily hard 4.5 years where I have worked myself into the ground and I am paying the price for that.

When Adam Boland broke down, I was working 15 hours a day to keep Wake Up and Studio 10 on air. The pace has always kept up but I believe I have given my all.

Recently, I was very close to a breakdown (let’s be honest, I was going through a breakdown) which led to my 4 weeks off. While that was a good opportunity to recharge, the ongoing pace of our under resourced show has shown the strains once again.

Unfortunately, I am not TEN material. I have been informed my services are no longer required. I am not going to spin a BS line that I resigned, I’ve always been a pretty straight up guy.

Thanks to everyone that supported myself and the show, there are extremely talented people here who really do care about the product we put to air.

I am sad but not bitter. I wish Studio 10 and everyone who works on it all the very best.

Photo: McKnight and Ten’s Sarah Harris

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