Radio Ratings 6 2017: Perth – Mix and Nova fight for #1

James Manning looks at the sixth radio ratings survey for 2017

Nova 93.7's Nathan, Nat and Shaun

•  Mix and Nova fight for #1: Nova has edge in key timeslots


Mix 94.5 13.7% (-0.3)

Share plunged 5.2 18-24, but was up in its traditional hunting ground, 40-54, where it remains #1. Mix also continues to rank top in 55-64, although share slipped 2.8 as 6PR moved closer.

Nova 93.7 12.2% (-0.3)

Would Nova be happy with second place but leadership in breakfast with Nathan, Nat and Shaun and drive with Kate, Tim and Marty…probably. The station is also a clear leader 25-39.

Hit 92.9 9.6% (-2.1)

Not the best book to be sure. Breakfast with Heidi, Will and Woody dropped 1.9 to 9.3% ahead of the prospect of Heidi being the last person standing if the male duo head east and work for ARN. Also down were the morning and afternoon shifts, plus drive and evening. All demos plunged with some noticeable shifts in listening 10-17 (-7.7) and 18-24 (-4.6).

96FM 9.1% (-0.6)

Breakfast with Carmen and Fitzi was unable to hold recent gains with share down 0.6 to 8.2%. Morning and afternoon were also down. Drive with Hughesy and Kate put on 0.8, but it is still well off the pace set by the rest of the FM market.

6PR 8.0% (+0.6)

Basil Zempilas and Steve Mills continue to push breakfast share higher, this survey climbing 0.4 to 10.6%. All dayparts were up with evening performing the best with a lift of 3.0 to 13.7%. Share 55-64 lifted 2.3 to 14.5%.

6iX 5.5% (+0.9)

Stronger performance with share pushing above 5% with some hard work in breakfast from Tim Gossage and his team being rewarded with a ratings lift of 0.6 to 4.5%. All dayparts boomed with the biggest lifts in morning (+1.2) and evening (+1.4). The station is more competitive 55-64 with the numbers up 09. to 9.9% and 65+ with an improved 6.9% (+2.0).

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