PodcastWeek: Audiences up, Sarah Grynberg, Quizicle Kids, Wil’s top 5

• To call March an unusual month would be a massive understatement

Podcast listens grow in Australia during March

To call March an unusual month would be a massive understatement, but the disrupted lifestyles haven’t stopped people from podcasting. Two of Australia’s biggest podcast platforms have given Mediaweek an insight into just how much they have grown.

SCA podcasting (original and catch up radio podcasts) has increased by 55% month-on-month in March.

Helping fuel those increased numbers has been Hamish and Andy who have had their biggest podcast download month ever in March.

Grant Tothill, SCA head of podcasting, told Mediaweek: “It’s great to see podcast listening increasing month on month. As more and more people remain isolated, and as we all try to maintain a sense of community in these challenging times, the search for news, information and entertainment from trusted voices across both radio and podcasting will play an important role in helping people feel connected.”

Meanwhile Acast has reported on global increases and Australian growth. The company told Mediaweek that the weekend of March 21-22 was its biggest ever with listens up 7%, equivalent to more than 750,000 additional listens in just two days. This number is reflected in Australian listens which saw a near 5% increase over the same two-day period.

Acast data shows a continual increase in the number of podcasts [from all publishers] covering the coronavirus (COVID-19) with more than 1,400 podcast episodes now available since January 22. Podcasts which reference “corona” or “covid” in the episode title have been downloaded more than 27.5 million times globally to date.

Henrik Isaksson, managing director at Acast Australia and New Zealand, said: “The numbers reflect a consistent upward trend in podcast listenership, both globally and locally here in Australia. Beyond numbers, it’s clear that Aussies are turning to podcasts to help stay informed and entertained during these troubling times – be it the in-depth reporting of The Guardian Australia’s Full Story or the return of Meshel Laurie’s much-loved Nitty Gritty Committee. For advertisers, podcasting is an essential medium right now.

Sarah Grynberg’s Navigating Uncertain Times

PodcastOne contributor Sarah Grynberg has compiled a special episode of A Life of Greatness to provide listeners with the wisdom and resources needed to embrace these uncertain times. Direct from the world’s best thought leaders, entertainers and NYT bestselling authors, listeners can learn how to navigate the unknown, find compassion and love instead of fear and become conscious of negative thought patterns.

“These are the most inspiring conversations I have had with people over the last three series of my podcasts,” Grynberg told Mediaweek. “I speak to people like Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Kate Langbroek and others. I have taken key topics we discussed so people can learn how to cope and stay mentally fit during this time. Things like becoming aware of negative thought patterns, choosing love over fear, choosing positive thoughts and why things like meditation can be so important right now.”

Grynberg called it a feel-good episode that equips people with tools when they are really needed. “The amount I have learnt from all the people I have interviewed is extraordinary and I feel so blessed. Repacking these highlights has been a real refresher for me and it’s great to be able to share them again with the audience.” In particular Grynberg enthused about spreading the thoughts again of best-selling author and world-renowned Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg. “Some of what she says is so beautiful.”

Included in the podcast are clips of what guests tell Grynberg are their ideas of a “life of greatness”.

Meanwhile Grynberg has been busy recording guests for the fourth season of A Life of Greatness. She has also just guested on the PodcastOne series Health Hacker with Adam MacDougall.

Listen to A Life of Greatness here.

These are good times for a podcast quiz


Nova Entertainment has this week launched an original, trivia-based podcast tailored for children.

Hosted by comedian Lindsay Webb, Quizicle Kids allows the family to be involved in this play-along podquiz. With questions designed to challenge children’s mathematical, spelling, popular culture and general knowledge skills, Quizicle Kids promises something for everyone. Episodes are kept to under five minutes.

Lindsay Webb is a comedian who has supported many Australian comedians including Wil Anderson and Jim Jefferies as well as Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty drive show co-host Marty Sheargold on his recent national comedy tour.

You can find Quizicle Kids on Acast, Apple, Spotify and Instagram.

Listen to Quizicle Kids here.

Wil Anderson on working hard

PodcastOne has just released an episode of Nigel Marsh’s Five of My Life podcast with Wil Anderson as a special guest. During the interview Marsh asks Anderson about being a hard worker.

“I have never thought of myself as a hard worker,” Anderson replied. “Nobody ever told me how hard, or not, you are meant to work. I think I am often quite lazy and I know the days I waste my time.”

Anderson is always a great podcast guest, and his recording with March is the longest-ever Five of My Life. Anderson didn’t enjoy trying to find his favourite things, but he did. The book he chose was Good Omen by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, the movie was The Princess Bride and Anderson reveals one area of a creative life he would like to explore. Anderson also talks about how he manages revealing parts of his private life and what his partner thinks about that.

Listen to Five of My Life here.


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