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Sam Squiers on partnering with Puma

Trent Thomas from Podcast Week caught up with Sam Squiers about a partnership that is both a first for her and Puma.

Squiers’ LiSTNR podcast On Her Game has partnered with Puma to create a six-episode special as part of Puma’s “She Moves Us” campaign. 

“There is a lot of shared values between what I am trying to do with On Her Game and what Puma is trying to do with their brand and their focus at the moment,” said Squires.

This is the first time that Puma has sponsored a podcast in Australia and the first time that Squiers’ podcast has worked on a sponsored campaign like this. And she feels that it is fantastic that a brand is focused on establishing itself as a leader in gender equality.

“We all play a role in being able to improve the situation for female athletes and women in general. Myself through the media and as a journalist we play a role in being able to give female athletes a voice and a platform to be able to tell their stories and elevate their position.

“It is fantastic when brands realise as well that they play a role and are not just in sponsorships for their normal sports and do what they have always done. They have a responsibility and a role to do something really powerful and to be able to accelerate and elevate women in sport.”

Squiers said that this partnership was important because it takes people stepping up to make things change.

“It takes people to say as a brand we want this to change and we want to hear from the athletes about the type of future that they want and we want to be a part of that.

“It takes LiSTNR as an organisation to say we also buy into this, and for me as a journalist to say I am not afraid to ask those questions and to give the women a platform to be able to voice their opinion and tell us their experiences and their insights and goals for the future that they want to see.

“It is hugely encouraging to have a global sporting brand like Puma come on board with On Her Game and there hasn’t been anything we have disagreed on – we both have the same vision.”

The partnership will see Squiers speak to Puma sportswomen and partners as she gets to know the person behind the athlete and learn what it takes to get to the top of their field.

The interviews focus on how the female athletes and businesswomen would like to see change in sport with exclusive never-before-told stories.

The interviews will include Jemma Mi Mi, Ali Brigginshaw, and Peggy O’Neal, President of the Richmond Football Club.

“Something that I have always tried to do is give women and female athletes a voice to be able to give them a platform to feel and to voice their opinion as well as to show us and tell us what future do you want for women in sport for yourself and the next generation.”

Squiers said that these interviews will play into what she has been trying to achieve with On Her Game which is continuing to provide a location for women, men, and children to find the stories they need about females in sport.

“We are always being told that women’s sport is booming but this provides one location where they can go to learn about who these women are and what they have been through and how they can inspire us.”

[Listen to On Her Game here]

Australian industry launches Podcast Day 24

One of the organisers of the World Podcast Day 24 with Omny Studio said the ambitious plan to have the global event launch in Australia had been a “fantastic success”.

Publisher, consultant and radio futurologist James Cridland told Podcast Week: “It was strange having an in-person event, but exciting to have most of the Australian podcast industry in the one room.”

Cridland said the live audience last Monday in Sydney numbered around 150 with a much bigger crowd listening online.

Podcast Week

Podcast Day’s James Cridland talks to Podcast Week

“Being part of a 24-hour global World Podcast Day that also included all of Europe and North America gave those people in the podcast industry around the rest of the world a snapshot of the Australian podcast industry and in a way has really helped put us on the map.”

Speakers at the local event included ARN’s Corey Layton, Podshape founder Jay Walkerden, podcaster Victoria Devine (She’s On The Money – live from lockdown in Melbourne), Stephanie Coombes, iHeartPodcast Network Australia’s content & partnerships director, Gillian Ramsay, insights manager, ABC Audience Data & Insights, Justine Kelly, executive producer at ABC Audio Studios, Jazmine Nikitta, Jade Le Flay and 24 Karat Kev from Spotify’s A1: The Show, Andrew Davies, digital and engagement editor, ABC Audio, Kellie Riordan from Deadset Studios and Anna Priestland (Casefile, Murdertown, Letters of Love in WW2).

Podcast Week

Nova Entertainment head of podcasts and digital content Rachel Corbett

Podcast Week regular Walkerden shared a story about why he started a podcast company after his radio career ended suddenly. He was sitting at home contemplating driving for Uber when his wife encouraged him to put his specialisation to use and they decided to launch Podshape.

Podcast Week

Busy multimedia Doc and co-host of Coronacast Norman Swan

Cridland told Podcast Week there was new data shared during the event about the importance of the podcast “long tail”. Cridland said: “Podcasting is not all about only the latest releases. Dynamic audio insertion is really important – old shows with brand new ads can do very well. For example no one walks into a bookshop that only sells books published in the last six months.”

Podcast Week

Fear and Greed podcast host Sean Aylmer

Asked about the state of podcast indies in Australia, Cridland said: “Australia hasn’t gone through the sort of consolidation that has happened in the US. Some Australian independents might be targeted if we see a consolidation phrase here.

Sammy J powers ABC Listen app

The ABC is using ABC Melbourne breakfast host and comedian Sammy J to drive take-up of its ABC Listen audio app. The Sammy J Snack Pack is a weekly catch-up podcast featuring highlights from the breakfast show. Listeners can only subscribe to the episodes via the Listen app.

Each episode is 30 minutes, distributed weekly on a Thursday on ABC Listen app to a national audience.

Sammy J started as the breakfast presenter with ABC Radio Melbourne in January 2020. Ratings at ABC Melbourne breakfast lifted in Survey 3, 2021 to 11.1% where it ranks as the overall #2 breakfast show behind only 3AW’s Ross and Russ.

Sammy J is on air daily between 5.30-8am.

Gary Jubelin on the road with guest host Rob Carlton

TEG Live has announced that the host of I Catch Killers, Gary Jubelin,will be touring Australia in October and November 2021.

Australian fans will have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from Jubelin as he is interviewed by special guest host, actor and Silver Logie Award winner, Rob Carlton.

Podcast Week gig guide: Launching at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on Saturday 16 October, the I Catch Killers Live tour will travel to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Friday 22 October before continuing to Brisbane BCEC on Saturday 30 October and wrapping up at The Plenary in Melbourne on Saturday 6 November.

Podcast Week

Jubelin said: “After 34 years in the NSW police force, 25 years in homicide, one book and three seasons of podcasts, the intense interest the Australian public has for insights into the criminal mind continues to astound me. Now, I’m thrilled to be able to travel this country to bring true stories of the highs and lows of catching bad guys to the stage and connect with people in a live forum.”

Pre-sale tickets will be available via Telstra Plus from Friday 11 June 9am (local time). Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday 16 June 11am (local time) at www.ticketek.com.au

[Listen to I Catch Killers here]

LiSTNR achieves 10.9 million streams

Podcast Week can report SCA platform LiSTNR has achieved a new record high of 10.9 million active streams* during May, an increase of 20% year on year.

Podcast listening across LiSTNR’s premium original titles reached a record of 2.7 million listeners^, an increase of 18% year on year.

LiSTNR delivered 10.9 million* total listening hours across its live streaming radio, podcasts, music, news, sport, and information offering – up 9% year on year, while unique streaming listeners grew by 19% to 1.56 million* people.

Smart speaker listening is also up with 2.8 million* total listening hours in May, an increase of 36% year on year.

“Our unique ability to understand our users provides advertisers with quality data to plan and execute digital audio campaigns, validated by the incredible 64% growth in advertisers who have taken advantage of digital audio campaigns in the last year. We are enjoying the opportunity to help our advertisers drive brand recall and purchase with our platform in new and creative ways,” SCA chief sales officer, Brian Gallagher, said.

“LiSTNR has created a premium, personalised digital audio ecosystem for both audiences and advertisers which reaches over 4 million Australians and is growing fast. Streaming hours and time spent listening across our radio brands, podcasts, news and music continue to surge, demonstrating that consumers have now embraced digital audio as part of their everyday lives.”

*AudioMetrix May 2021 vs May 2020 
^Triton Podcast Metrics May 2021 vs May 2020
^^Adswizz AudioServe & AudioMax, GAM, Magnite | May 2021 v May 2020

10 releases Women of The House & Making Money Easy

10 has announced two new podcast series. The first is Women of The House from 10 News First Person, a six-part special interview series, uncovering what really happens behind closed doors at Parliament House.   

Political Reporter Stela Todorovic talks to leading female politicians about their careers and being a woman in Parliament House, to get an insider’s perspective and an understanding of the workplace culture at Parliament House.

Episode one is available now, featuring Sarah Hanson-Young, with future guests including Tanya Plibersek and Anne Ruston

Podcast Week

The second is Making Money Easy,hosted by senior finance reporter Gillian Bowen. The 10 News First series aims to help listeners understand what the latest finance news actually means for their wallet. (Podcast Week notes Bowen is married to superstar radio producer and podcaster Chris Bowen.)

With the help of some of the nation’s prominent economists, including CBA chief economist Stephen Halmarick, Jo Masters, EY Oceania chief economist, Stephen Koukoulas market economics managing director and Su-Lin Ong, chief economist at RBC Capital Markets, Bowen will break down the finance jargon to make money easier.

Podcast Week

Ross Dagan, network director of news content, said: “At 10 News First we are committed to helping our audiences better understand what’s going on around them. These new podcasts go beyond the headlines to answer ‘why’ on pivotal areas that affect us all.”

[Listen to 10 podcasts here]

Mubi launches podcast with Rico Gagliano

Hosted by arts and travel reporter Rico Gagliano, the Mubi Podcast is a documentary-style show available on all major podcast platforms and on Mubi’s online publication Notebook.

Season one, titled Lost in Translation will focus on films that were massive cultural phenomena in their home countries but never gained traction elsewhere.

The Mubi Podcast covers nearly every continent with each of its six episodes exploring a different film and country, providing a window into cinema cultures around the world. The stories behind the films will be brought to life with movie clips, music, and original interviews with filmmakers, critics, academics, and historians. 

Season 1 begins with a look at Paul Verhoeven‘s second feature Turkish Delight (1973). While one of Verhoeven’s lesser-known films to international audiences, it remains the most well-attended domestic film in the history of the Netherlands and was named the greatest Dutch film of the 20th century by the Netherlands Film Festival. The episode covers the film’s unique significance during the counterculture movement in 1970s Holland and features exclusive interviews with Paul Verhoeven, Monique van de Ven, and Jan de Bont, amongst others.

New episodes releasing every Thursday through July 8th.

[Listen to the Mubi Podcast here]

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