Podcast Week: Health Hacker Adam MacDougall, Reporter Gary Adshead

• MacDougall was one of the originals when PodcastOne launched

Podcast One’s Health Hacker Adam MacDougall

The guide to hacking life – how to hack lives to feel, look and live better. Life is busy and demanding. This is one podcast that can help offer solutions.

The pressures of work, family and life mean people don’t always get to look after themselves as well as they should – choices around food, exercise, sleep and mental health all start to slip.

Former footballer Adam MacDougall is a fitness economist, trained with a Bachelor of Economics, MBA and certification in the fields of strength and conditioning, psychology, nutrition and exercise.

It has become a passion for him and his PodcastOne series shares his learnings. For MacDougall, hacking life isn’t just about being smart with time, it’s about being smart and practical with food, exercise, money and headspace.

MacDougall was one of the originals when PodcastOne launched and he came to the platform after publishing a number of books. Consumers will also know MacDougall from his regular columns in News Corp’s The Sunday Telegraph. In the columns he helps celebrities and sports people find health hacks in their busy lives.

He told Mediaweek he has a team of researchers who help him keep on top of the mountain of medical research continually released. “We then break down that information into digestible and useful content for the average person.

“My true passion is motivating, inspiring and educating people how to live their best, healthy and productive lives.”

MacDougall also runs a food business that manufactures health shakes and bars for adults and kids. “We want to provide healthy food options for people on the go. We try to fight against the corporate beast. Some of the bigger companies marketing what is supposed to be healthy alternatives are just driven by profit. Our first concern is producing something of quality.”

Topics covered so far in the podcast series includes episodes on belly fat, fasting, dieting and health trends plus one-on-one interviews with people like University of Sydney’s Dr Nick Fuller to finance guru Mark Bouris on business and boxing.

Listen to Health Hacker.

Shane Crawford & James Hird looking at TV footy project

I’m A Celebrity star Shane Crawford wants to launch a TV footy show with former AFL player and coach James Hird after the two had success hosting a podcast, News Corp’s Fiona Byrne reported earlier this week.

The pair front the Crawf & Hirdy podcast, along with TV and radio producer Ralph Horowitz, and Crawford revealed that they were seriously toying with the idea of creating a late-night “round in review” TV project.

“I’d really love to do a footy show with James Hird,” Crawford said.

“Out of everything I would love to be a part of, I would love to do a review-style footy show of some sort on a Sunday night with James.

“We did the podcast last year and I think we have each other’s backs. We both love our footy.

“That is the one thing I would really love to do this year and hopefully we can get this happening.”

New podcast series from The West Australian investigates serial killings

Claremont Serial Killings is the name of a new podcast from The West Australian.

The series is hosted by Gary Adshead, a journalist since 1984 and currently The West’s state political editor.

In his introduction to the series this week, Adshead wrote:

Cops and crime reporters have many conversations when there’s a killer on the loose.

Most of them are on background, but old-school journalists always keep notes. And the really old school scribblers never throw the notes away.

I have been in this game for 35 years and have a row of filing cabinets in a garage crammed with shabby manila folders to prove it.

Murders, mysteries, corruption. It’s all there and you’d be surprised how often the ragtag collection comes in handy when a slice of history comes out of hibernation.

About a fortnight ago I was asked to pull together a series of scene-setting podcasts about the most compelling criminal case Western Australia has ever experienced.

The podcast begins today.

Finding the old file for that one, which is now more than two decades old, was easy.

It’s marked “Serial Killer”.

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