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• Podshape’s Morning Mantra, Scholarship winner, The Zest is History

Biggest podcast publishers: Quantity and quality

The May edition of the Australian Podcast Ranker chart was released by Triton Digital this week. The Ranker will now be released every month, this time coming out on the third Tuesday of the month. There were a number of changes including the addition of two publishers (see below) plus details of the number of episodes released across the month for each podcast and a list of the top 10 podcast publishers in Australia.

The list of episodes released makes for interesting reading. Here are the top 17 (podcasts on the Ranker with over 100 episodes) titles and the number of episodes released in May:

Nights with John Stanley 101
Jonesy & Amanda’s JAMcast! 103
The Ray Hadley Morning Show 105
Bob Murphy & Andy Maher 111
Fifi, Fev & Byron 112
Sky News – News Bulletin 114
SEN Breakfast 115
Rush Hour Melbourne 121
The Hot Breakfast 123
Mike E & Emma 124
SEN Afternoons 124
Ben Fordham Live 125
SCA NSW News 132
Whateley 144
The Alan Jones Show 159
Mornings with Neil Mitchell 162
Carrie & Tommy 172

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Podcast Ranker: Top 10 Publishers as Audioboon, The West arrive

The Australian Podcast Ranker for May features a new Top 10 Publishers list as well as podcasts from Audioboom and West Australian Newspapers, who have joined the ranker for the first time.

The UK-based Audioboom offers US, UK and Australian titles, including Casefile True Crime, a cult-hit Australian podcast that deals with well-known murders, and is hosted by an Australian man who remains anonymous. Australian sales representation for Audioboom is provided by ARN/iHeartPodcast Network Australia.

West Australian Newspapers produces the acclaimed Australian podcast Claremont: The Trial, as well as The West Live Podcast and The Hard Ball Gets AFL Show.

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7am a good time for Schwartz Media

The Podcast Ranker Top 10 publishers list features a shootout from the major radio networks who have successfully been repositioning themselves as audio broadcasters and publishers in the past few years.

ARN/iHeartMedia topped the chart with 8.5m monthly downloads and 324 podcasts. If you factor in their new partnership with Audioboom those numbers jump close to 13m downloads and 550 podcasts.

In terms of the most podcasts by a single entity that belongs to PodcastOne who has celebrated their biggest month ever thanks to their 394 different series.

It’s certainly all about quality and quantity for the big publishers.

But quality is the main ingredient at 7am, the sole podcaster from publisher Schwartz Media, which recently celebrated its first birthday. (It’s an example of how young this sector when a 1st birthday is a celebration.) Schwartz managed to get a spot on the top 10 with just their one podcast – and 22 May episodes – which still managed to get over 1m downloads in May.

The average download per podcast brand across May for ARN/iHeartRadio was 26,000, while at PodcastOne it was 18,000.

Podcast scholarship winner


AFTRS, the national screen and broadcast school, and Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) have announced that Melbourne student Nicola Sitch (pictured) is the recipient of the CRA Podcast Scholarship for 2020.

The scholarship provides $7,500 to an interstate or regional student to relocate to Sydney to study AFTRS’ Graduate Diploma in Radio, which covers all aspects of audio, including podcasting.

Sitch will also complete a four-week internship at Southern Cross Austereo’s podcast network PodcastOne Australia later in the year.

“Nicola is a worthy recipient of the CRA Podcast Scholarship and we hope the experience acts as a spring-board to a creative and successful career in audio,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia.

AFTRS head of radio Fyona Smith said: “Nicola demonstrates a command of language well beyond her years. Her entry was sophisticated, articulate, highly emotive and deeply personal. She has an advanced understanding of the role of narrative and design in audio storytelling, her work is certainly one to keep an eye out for.”

SCA head of podcasting Grant Tothill said: “We’re looking forward to Nicola joining the PodcastOne Australia team in Melbourne for four weeks to put what she has learned into practice.”

Nicola Sitch said: “Receiving the CRA Scholarship has helped facilitate my move to Sydney to attend AFTRS full-time. I am also thrilled by the opportunity to intern at PodcastOne Australia, a network I have always admired, and learn via osmosis from the team there. I cannot wait to implement my AFTRS learnings in a professional capacity.”

Sitch’s ambition is to produce live radio, radio features and podcasts.

Zest is History launches

The new podcast The Zest is History is looking for good Australian yarns and is a side project from two media people. The hosts are Melissa Mason (managing editor – Sydney – pedestriantv) and Josie Roze (head of editorial pedestriantv).

The hosts put up a trailer recently to promote the new title, explaining in their notes: “What is The Zest Is History? I can’t be bothered typing it out, so just listen to this helpful trailer to find out more! We can’t wait to spin zesty yarns for you every week.” IN the trailer Roze said of the subject matter: “It could be old-timey or it could be yesterday.”

A Facebook group for the podcast already has 844 members and if offering plenty of content – eight new posts on Wednesday this week.

The first podcast episode was Gough Whitlam’s Dismissal – How Our Sexiest PM Got Famously Booted, the second was The Law of the Tongue – Killer Whales Killing, Uh, Whales.

Credit for the great cover art goes to Urban List designer Katie Mason.

Listen to The Zest is History here.

Podshape’s Morning Mantra


Your Morning Mantra is a short daily podcast, 1-2 minutes each, from Jay Walkerden’s Podshape that’s intent is to start each day with inspiration, focus and practical tools to set up your days for personal achievement.

The podcast is hosted by Jennifer Cray, a mindfulness life coach and meditation teacher who is passionate about living a ‘lit up’ and meaningful life.

Walkerden said: “Jen is just awesome. I first came upon her meditations a few years back online and knew that at some point we could share her thoughts and messages with the world. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with her on such a meaningful project.”

Cray added: “When Jay shared his vision of a daily meditation podcast for everyday Aussies, I was super excited. Here was an opportunity of a lifetime to share inspiration and practical tools on a large scale that both meditators and non-meditators could relate to. It’s an absolute joy to collaborate with Podshape on this awe-inspiring project”

Listen to Your Morning Mantra here.

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