Turner’s Planet 1UP moves from YouTube to Cartoon Network

• Cartoon Network decided to double down on its investment in Planet 1UP

Planet 1UP is an online gaming, pranks, challenges, reviews show with daily content posted on YouTube as well as a supercut episode each week on Cartoon Network and Boomerang as part of Turner Australia’s Mega Awesome Wow brand.

Recently, Cartoon Network decided to double down on its investment in Planet 1UP by having custom content woven into its programming.

The episodes will feature Nate Bramleyas the host of the show, And we’ll be using co-hosts such as Laura Gilbert who has built a strong social media following.

General Manager for Turner Australia Robi Stanton says that moving into YouTube is key to maximising their brand’s reach.

“There’s no denying that YouTube is an important way for people to discover new video content – and we need to maintain a presence on it to maximise our reach outside of the TV ecosystem. It’s also a great way for us to engage with our audience and fans.”

The concept of “total consumption” is already present in Turner’s strategy, according to Stanton.

“We talk about ‘total consumption’ a lot at Turner. What that means is that if you love a show like We Bare Bears, you perhaps saw a clip on YouTube. You’ll watch full episodes on the Cartoon Network channel or through our Watch and Play app, play a game, buy branded products and so on. A really hardcore fan might even share fan art on social media and visit a Cartoon Network theme park.”

While the way that Cartoon Network is promoting Planet 1UP is breaking new ground for the company, Stanton says that YouTube isn’t unexplored territory.

“Cartoon Network in Australia has been working with YouTube influencers like Wengie, Georgia Productions and CKN Toys for some time – and we understand the value that they can provide. They are also true fans of our content.

“With Mega Awesome Wow channels, Turner can create engaging, local content for Australian kids and offer our advertising clients new avenues on digital platforms with a trusted partner.”

Host Nate Bramley has been with the show since its first episode and seen it develop to this latest endeavour. Bramley spoke to Mediaweek about how he got to this point:

“I was a high school science teacher who was also obsessed with gaming. I had a friend working on a social project that I volunteered to help with. I came across the opportunity to host Planet 1UP and the rest, as they say, is history. We have been exclusively working on YouTube, Twitch and other mediums and we’re now excited to bring it to TV.”

While Bramley will be a solo host, he will be joined by co-hosts such as Laura Gilbert. She has earned a reputation for excelling at cosplay, which Bramley says is one of the many good changes happening at Planet 1UP.

“I’m excited to have a co-host. We have a great chemistry and banter. We are both teachers so we think in a similar way.”

Obviously, bringing the Planet 1UP hosts onto a Cartoon Network property was a big decision as it broke away from the traditional content strategy of the channel. Stanton explains the reasoning for the decision:

Planet 1UP is devoted to all things fun and funny. We already know that kids love the hosts Nate and Laura. Now an even wider group can laugh along with them on Cartoon Network.

Planet 1UP has evolved to be more than gaming. We’ve created hilarious and memorable content, following online trends and working with influencers. Our aim is to create content that reflects what kids are talking about in the playground.”

Stanton also expresses how Cartoon network has always tried to stay at the forefront of innovative content as it can deliver more localised content.

“YouTube, along with other social media platforms, allows us to add local flavour to our content.

“In terms of launch dates, Cartoon Network Australia has had a presence on YouTube since 2012 and we’ve racked up almost half-a-billion views. Planet 1UP has been gathering pace since its official launch in early 2018 and video views continue to grow.

“Our channels across all social media have developed significantly since we launched them and we will continue to test new ideas, refine, develop, respond to trends and listen to what our fans want.

“Cartoon Network is known for its many digital firsts. For example, it was the first kids network to launch a website and stream cartoons on the web. It also regularly experiments with new technologies like VR, AR and audio recognition.”

In regards to future content integration on Turner platforms in Australia, Stanton says there are encouraging signs, and continued success from Planet 1UP will only encourage future projects of its ilk.

“Turner Australia recently conducted some research that looked into effectiveness metrics such as ad likeability, brand recall and purchase intent within TV, short-form video platforms and website environments.

“We found that purchase intent by kids 4-14 increased when an ad was shown on TV only, compared to YouTube only, but further increased when seen on both TV and YouTube. So there are definitely plenty of opportunities for us to further connect campaigns across both TV and digital destinations.”

Planet 1UP will be debuting on Cartoon Network in early 2019.

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