Pirate radio: Christian O’Connell goes rogue three days early on Gold 104.3

O’Connell premiered a jingle that Cacklin’ Jack had composed for the station.

Listeners to the all-music breakfast show on ARN’s Gold 104.3 got a surprise this morning at 7.33am when Christian O’Connell burst onto the station with a preview of what he will be getting up to from Monday at 6am.

Accompanied on-air by his new sidekick Jack Post, he premiered a jingle that Jack had composed for the station. O’Connell kindly said it was a winner but that it needed a little more polish.

The banter between the British import and his new Aussie colleague was great. Jack’s on-air stumbles sounded authentic and listeners should hope they do most of their work polishing the combo on-air as it could be a lot of fun.

O’Connell revealed that his former employer, Absolute Radio, had let go of the Christian O’Connell Facebook page, which had been quickly snapped up by someone in the US. O’Connell said that he had been asked for money for the return of his Facebook page. Instead of paying the ransom, O’Connell has started a new Facebook page – The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Gold104.3.

O’Connell said he will be making his first visit to the MCG to see Richmond play on Saturday night.

The new breakfast host also did a great job pumping up new Gold colleagues – particularly Huggie’s morning show and his 104 minutes of ad-free music.

Top photo: Christian O’Connell (credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock)

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