Perth Radio Ratings: GfK Survey 6

Perth Radio Ratings

• 96FM on the march, but Nova still rules overall + breakfast

Perth Radio Ratings Biggest movers

UP: 96FM +2.0
DOWN: 6iX -1.0

Nova 93.7 13.5% (14.4%): Audiences have been sampling big time this year and Nova had held onto its crowd better than some. The ever-popular Nathan, Nat and Shaun dropped 0.9, yet they maintain a clear lead over all other stations. The station lost leadership of morning and afternoon, but Kate, Tim and Marty remain the drive champs with share still around 15%.

96FM 12.7% (10.7%): This was the big market mover with change coming quicker than some thought possible. The Gary Roberts magic has paid off big time and not just in breakfast. The reunited Fred Botica and Lisa Shaw saw breakfast share climb from 8.4% to 9.3%. There were some massive moves later in the day – morning put on 4.6 to 15.9% and afternoon added 2.9 to 15.3%, both dayparts where 96FM now ranks #1. Demo share bolted ahead too with 25-39 up 3.5 to 14.1% and 40-54 up 2.4 to 18.5%.

Mix 94.5 10.9% (11.7%): The station has been seeing some of its audience flee to 96FM in a handful of surveys. After recording shares over 15% in the first two surveys of the year, Mix is now under 11%. The station and its breakfast show have now recorded their lowest shares in well over four years.

Hit 92.9 9.3% (9.0%): While its SCA sister brand has been copping it, things are a lot rosier for the Hit Network station. It has just posted its best share of the year for the station and the Heidi, Xavier and Pete breakfast show. Drive with Hughesy was up 0.7 to 11.1%.

6PR 8.3% (7.7%): Amazing survey result for the Macquarie Media station with its best station share in over four years. Similarly it was also the best breakfast result for Steve and Baz in that time, with share growing 1.6 to 11.9%.

6iX 4.1% (5.1%): After nine survey results on or over 5% in the past 18 months, 6iX has recorded its lowest share since 2016. Morning and afternoon were down over 1.0, as was breakfast on 3.5%.

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