OOH companies support the MFA’s ‘We Are The Changers’ industry purpose with pro bono formats


Sophie Madden: “We Are The Changers’ articulates all the great things we do as an industry”

Out-of-home sites across Australia are displaying The Media Federation of Australia’s (MFA) media industry purpose ‘We Are The Changers’ as part of a campaign targeting media agency office locations.

Out-of-home companies JCDecaux, oOh! Media, QMS and Val Morgan have generously provided multiple pro bono formats for the campaign, including large-format sites, bus and tram shelters, and screens in office buildings, to a total value of over $ 1 million. All sites are located near and within media agency offices to reach agency employees on their way to and from work.

The goal of the broad-reaching out-of-home campaign is to continue to drive awareness of ‘We Are The Changers’ with the ultimate aim of eliciting pride among media agency employees and helping them feel inspired and motivated about the work they do.

Launched by the MFA in 2022, the industry purpose of ‘We Are The Changers’ is now recognised by over 41% of the industry. The industry body is aiming to increase that awareness to 60% by the end of 2023 with the ultimate aim of eliciting pride among the almost 5,000 people employed in media agencies. ‘We Are The Changers’ renews focus on the industry’s ability to drive positive change.

The out-of-home campaign has been scheduled to coincide with the upcoming MFA EX events in Melbourne on 5 September; and in Sydney on 21 September, where We Are The Changers will be brought to life on stage for the over 2,500 media agency professionals set to attend one of these events.

Content will include inspirational stories from our Industry Changers including Anathea Ruys, CEO, UM, and Rose Herceg, president, WPP ANZ on the Unstereotype Alliance; Gemma Hunter, GM marketing, Myer on being Customer Obsessed or People Focused? Tim Hodgson, Founder, MyNetZero and Scott Laird, CPO, GroupM on No Greenwashing, No Excuses.

OMD will also lead a great industry debate on AI vs EQ; and we will hear a variety of topics from Weird Partnerships, to Lessons in Improv. from Inspiration X speakers – colleagues with less than 15 years’ experience.
MFA EX is where the industry comes together to be inspired with ground-breaking media thinking, best practice, innovation, and people development in driving our media industry forward.
Sophie Madden
, MFA chief executive officer, added: “We Are The Changers’ articulates all the great things we do as an industry in a way that elicits pride, is inspirational and motivating, particularly to media agency newcomers.
“It reminds agency employees that every single one of them, every day, is influencing change for their clients, for society, for the economy, for the agencies in which they work, and for their own careers. We are delighted to again have the support of JCDecaux, oOh! Media, QMS and Val Morgan to make sure that our Industry Purpose is shared with our Changers loud and proud!”
The OOH campaign is running until the end of September.

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